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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses and here are more specifics: 1. My name appears in the hyperlink itself, the visual text says something else. 2. The name is misspelled by one letter and my name is rather unique so it's not a coincidence. This seems to point to a hand-formed spam creation and not a spambot? 3. I don't have my name associated with the email account. Given these clues does it sound like I have somehow been targeted by the spammers or am I being too paranoid.
  2. Yes, this is always a possibility. Here is an additional piece of info that thickens the plot. I have a rather unusual last name, so it's not like Smith or Jones, and the name used in the hyperlink is my name with one letter misspelled. Also my email address does not contain my name and my profile does not contain my name.
  3. Very interesting. Is there a safe way to try out the address and see what's there or if it is active?
  4. I just received a very spooky spam today. One of the usual hyperlinks that directs an unsuspecting person to the spammers webpage contained a very odd format. The format was: http://[some address here].com/my_last_name I was more than a little startled to see my last name appended to a spam page hyperlink. Has anyone ever seen this or have any idea how this could happen?
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