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  1. Thanks again. I got Richard on the other end of that address, and he indicates he's resolved my issue.
  2. Thanks for the pointer. I tried several SC addresses that were recommended in early January, and all my messages bounced. I then sent a message to Richard W. on 01/08, which has received no response. I'll try the address you provided.
  3. There doesn't appear to be anyone at the inn . No acknowledgement of PMs or emails to any address I can scrounge up.
  4. I don't believe that is the problem. I use the Outlook plug-in Spamgrabber to auto-submit spam. It's configured to handle everything for me. I've been using it daily since about 2012. The ONLY thing that changed in November was the provider for one of the POP accounts that this Outlook client manages. The issue is that Spamcop is unwilling to accept email from an "unknown/unregistered" provider (the new one). The other POP account being serviced by this Outlook client still works just fine... as it has for many years... just by clicking the "Send spam" button I've added to the toolbar, that invokes the Spamgrabber plugin. And since Outlook headers are (apparently) not 'gettable' in a real format from Outlook, I have no way to properly register the new provider headers with Spamcop... so it sees THOSE spam notifications as bogus.
  5. Ongoing issue since November. Is there anyone out there on the SC side of things who can assist?? I've tried the email addresses posted in Don's 'announcement' thread (see link in #9 above), but they bounced as bad addresses. I've tried PMing Richard W, with as yet no response. Just trying to do my part to combat spammers...
  6. He's definitely MIA... Last Active Nov 24 2015 12:34 PM Hopefully it's just an extended vacation, and he wasn't kidnapped by aliens.
  7. Email sent. I have a "spammy looking" domain... so if you don't see it, check your spam bucket. Thanks.
  8. Existing email address, but on a new host. I deleted the old entry, then added the new one. I got the account config email and followed these instructions (I obfuscated the super-secret email address in my paste below)-- So... I hit the email address link. It fires up a blank addressed email. I drag and drop the email into the blank. I press send. The response email I got was... I'm using Outlook 2016, and so collecting headers manually is a royal PITA... so I would have much preferred the forward-as-attachment method offered me to have worked. Suggestions? edit: I already use SpamGrabber add-in to make submissions work smoothly, and it has been working for at least the past 5 years that way... I'm just not able to "register" the new host/address combo so I can get back to submitting.
  9. In my OP, I asked for assistance in understanding the actual source of the issue. Until I know that, I'm just spitting into the wind. IF it is from my ISP, then we're not talking about a "silly, but relatively small provider..." since Comcast and it's holdings represent 40% of the US wired broadband market (I'll agree with the 'more reasonable' part, because Comcast is certainly not). IF Comcast decided to universally apply a tool of this type, then we (you, me, Spamcop, and everybody else) would quickly grind to a halt when the spammers gain their newfound freedom. I'm not trying to change the world... just do my part to help. If I can't, I can't. I already contacted the URL in the bounce message, but that may well be a black hole (at least they haven't indicated any kind of response thus far... I realize it's only been a day). Thanks for the comments.
  10. Thanks, I realize that Spamcop didn't cause this, but at some point it certainly IS a Spamcop/everybody problem if we aren't able to report spam to you. I was hoping for a little more insight, and a little less "not our problem" response from you guys. I guess I was hoping for too much.
  11. Thanks. Looks like I can't even email him at that address... it bounces too.
  12. I just received a bounce message from someone (outboundfiltering.com??) saying they won't deliver my Spamcop spam report to you... or that's what I can glean from message using my marginal deciphering skills. Is there a place I can send this email privately for someone to review the headers and tell me where the problem is? We don't need an intermediary killing spam reports before they get to Spamcop. Here's a redacted version of the message-- A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
  13. Should I give up on this crusade and focus on solving world hunger, since that seems a more realistic goal?
  14. I'm usually the submitter to SC... but apparently, at least one server has decided I'm a spammer (I was sending a NY Times story link about a Wright Brothers book to my brother-in-law... maybe he doesn't like me any more... or hates aviation history ). I'm always hesitant to post up full headers for analysis since I'm not completely sure of what I'm exposing about myself. But here's a snippet that refers to the SCBL. Does this mean I'm on the SCBL? If so, any idea why (I'm just an average Joe sending normal emails, and doing my part to REPORT spam _to_ SC)? SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<my[at]brother-in-law>: host mail.my.brother-in-law [50.xxx.xxx.xxx]: 550-"JunkMail rejected - viper.tchmachines.com [208.xxx.xxx.xxx]:33597 is in an 550 RBL, see Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?208.xxx.xxx.xxx" I think I'm the 208 address... I did a lookup and that is the company that hosts my domain (again, just a guy... I've got a piddly un-updated website with a half dozen pages of static content; the bulk of my domain use is just my personal email address). I'll be glad to provide more info from the bounce if any of you experts are interested. Just let me know what I ought not to post in the public forum. Thanks in advance.
  15. Not a SpamCop-specific question, so I'll try the Lounge for info from the experts... RFC2142 (and, I'm sure a few others) call out the need for certain "required" domain email addresses... abuse[at] postmaster[at] and so on. There used to be a reporting site where you could log "non-compliant" domains. It seems to have disappeared several years ago (and I vaguely recall some hubbubb about it at the time). My question is... is there any place to report domains that don't follow the RFC recommendations? I run into quite a few "big name" domains that seem not to give a flying flip. Most recently, I sent an email to postmaster[at]cvs.com and it bounced with no such address. As a test, I then tried abuse[at]cvs.com. It bounced too. That seems pretty crappy of them to not support either of those very basic addresses. Have fellow SCers got a way to make these things known? Or am I tilting windmills here?
  16. I may give your linked instructions a try... but I'm a little gun-shy since past attempts have resulted in more traffic (kind of like replying to a typical spammer... now he knows he's got a valid email address to hit). I'm not sure when the instructions you linked came to be. My last attempt to kill off my account was in 2010, and I've had... and I'll try not to sound like I'm exaggerating... ~ 100 emails from them since. I archive my SpamCop sent reports folder in Outlook regularly to keep my folder size down... so I can only easily see 1 week of SpamCop reports sent. A quick and dirty search for "facebook.com" nets _3_ spame emails I reported during that time. Assuming 3x/week, that "~ 100" might be as high as 450 over the last 3 years. That is scandalous amount of spam from one sender. As for social pressure. Stand firm! I haven't tried to kill my LinkedIn account... but I use it ONLY for legitimate professional purposes... no matter how hard they try to lasso me into the 21st century tell-all gabfest that is social media. Having said that, LinkedIn is not exactly ethical in their behavior either. *sigh*
  17. I'm not trying to start a bashing thread... but as a relative outsider to the anti-spam/security world, I am perplexed at why Facebook appears to be exempt from the common practice (and I'm guessing there are some RFC's on the matter as well) of accepting spam reports. As many of you know, once you've got a Facebook account, you can't make it go away no matter what you do... even if you have congressional approval or a papal bull in hand. They let you "close" the account, but it's not actually closed in any sense of the word-- people can still see your account, they can still find you in FB's search, and FB still sends a relentless stream of "information" emails to remind me of all the things I'm "missing." If you log in to "RE-close" your account, it actually seems to increase the spam messages. Writing them via various communication channels has no effect. And the emails keep coming. But worse... at least in the SC interface I have available to me, I can't even REPORT the spam as spam (which I think is reasonably defined as "unsolicited email." And I can't unsubscribe as defined in the federal CAN spam Act, which codifies the legal requirement to (among other things)-- Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you, and then honor opt-out requests promptly. Why are they apparently exempt from decent Internet behavior and from federal regulations??? Or... what am I missing?
  18. That was apparently the "problem." My year-old cookie had expired... and since it had been forever since I last logged in, I didn't remember the "unlogged-in" behavior. Logged in now, and it's back to the way I was expecting. Thanks.
  19. As of 2 minutes ago, same as I reported in OP... email report, get email response, click link in email which takes me to 'finish reporting' page, click "Send spam Report(s) Now" link on page, results page looks like the one I linked in OP... instead of the verbose one that I have been seeing for the last several years that includes link to report details, form fields to send more reports, and more. This is definitely different, and definitely new.
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