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  1. I'm also having a difficult time reporting spam via the web interface. I'm receiving gateway timeouts, sigalert errors, or the SC webpage will just hang. My most recent attempt resulted in the SC parse reporting an invalid date saying the email was too old to report. It reported the email was received on 7-2-2012 when in fact it was received on 7-7-2012, when reported a second time it went thru, very slowly. This has been happening for the last 9 or 10 days. Other posts indicate that the problem is happening to other people as well. I sent an email asking SC admin when the problem would be fixed. I also stated I was rethinking taking the time to report spam to SC. I received a response from Richard, from SC, stating that they are experiencing a large volume of spam causing reporting delays. Shortly after I was informed that my SC account was disabled due to exceeding the spam limit for 7-7-2012. The number of spam I reported for 7-7-2012 was seven, I believe there is a daily limit of 3000. While there seems to be no end to SpamCops' problems, don't complain to them.
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