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  1. First time this has happened to me, any help would be appreciated. I emailed in a spam to report, but the reporting page refuses to scroll down to the point that I can press the report button. The report is at https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6416327414z674294dfc061425ec1b414531ab8c7e5z#report
  2. I've been getting those too, a lot, today.
  3. Just got 12 processed at once, woohoo! Except one of them was an IPv6 failure.
  4. Just managed to complete 8 reports filed in the last 14 hours ... yay!
  5. Still happening here; now on dead slow again.
  6. Just reported 2, no problem ... wondering whether the leap-second and associated problems have anything to do with this?
  7. Finally got 4 through ... but the first one reported IPV6 addresses not supported. Nothing to do.
  8. And I am getting sigalarms and gateway timeouts this morning.
  9. Finally ... just finished 8 reports in 5 minutes.
  10. It's been up and down for me the past few days, but today it's just down.
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