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  1. To acknowledge recent frustrations and show our appreciation to the community, Cisco will offer US$15 worth of fuel to all currently registered users of the SpamCop spam reporting service. Registered users will receive an email notification within 3-5 days with further instructions and details on the credit. We apologize again for the recent delays, and as our investigation continues, we will provide regular update Got it! I was a free user Still not able to login, any ideas?
  2. Hello, Just payed for SC, still not able to login, and advice? Don't mean to sound rude or anything, but can you guys tell me why I'm still disabled, after I payed 25 bucks, any ideas out there?
  3. They wast bandwidth, rather see them in jail
  4. No spammer here, to be honest I must be on their most wanted list
  5. Sorry new here, but what's happenning with disabled accounts?
  6. I've used your service for years now, and now it's disabled
  7. In the 24 hours starting Mon Jul 9 06:04:56 2012, you have submitted over spams for processing, which exceeds our daily submission limit. No more submissions will be accepted. Your reporting account is disabled. Please reply if you are reporting spam in good faith and feel your account should be reinstated. I sent two this morning Duck it, sory Google it, neat stuff though!
  8. I think the cool thing about Spamcop, it's so easy to find out where the spam came from, without doing a lookup, hope they come back!
  9. Same here, I wish Canada had a place to report spam Sorry, your account has been disabled.
  10. Yup, put a sniffer on the network, and change the OS to Lixux!
  11. I hope you guys are right, cause Cisco routes most of the nets traffic, and why would they want spam?
  12. Holy smokes! not even able to login anymore, just a page that says Spamcop I'm not laughing, just getting more spam
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