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  1. While most look at this attack as an inconvenience, overlooked is the fact that SpamCop must be very effective in doing their job. Granted the entertainment factor provided by some makes for some rather interesting light reading, what most have overlooked is the amount of work that has obviously gone into planning this attack as well as the time required to address it. These digital battles while not cheap to fight are not fought by throwing the entire company bank roll or the bulk of their resources at the issue; they are fought and won with persistence and patience. To the admins, the feeling of futility comparable to trying to ward off a cockroach infestation with a single shoe while listening to the mice in the walls chew on the wiring is a common experience. Don, kudos to you and the rest of the SpamCop staff keep up the good work and don’t run yourselves too ragged while burning the midnight oil to eradicate this infestation of internet vermin.
  2. The symptoms are very characteristic of a DDoS attack. A failing network device or server can also create similar symptoms but are typically the type of issues resolved in hours, not weeks or days.
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