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  1. Yes spam and phishing is where we should direct our anger and Spamcop is one of the main tools to direct that anger. Every minute that Spamcop is not working is a minute of freedom for the senders of spam and phishing. It give these people more chances to steal someones life savings, spread destructive viruses, and impose a huge cost on the internet.
  2. Actually the sky is falling. Every minute people are victimized by identity thieves. Some of these are due to phishing emails. Some of these are victimized by reshipping scams circulated by spam. spam and phishing tie up huge amounts of resources and cause important email to be overlooked. Spamcop is an important system which has an obligation to its customers and users. Look at when this thread was started. The problem is almost one month old and the problem is as bad as it ever has been. Your example of 1000 to 1 is not reality. In fact if one person could solve a problem in 1000 hours, 5 might solve it in much less than 200 once these people put their heads together and brainstorm the problem. It is Cisco which calls Spamcop the "industry-leading anti-spam solution" but with they way this situation has been handled that sounds hollow. Where is the "industry-leading" support?
  3. First Spamcop is NOT in operation and it is well before 10:00 PDT. Second, the amount of time it has taken for Spamcop to address this issue and fix this problem is totally unacceptable. Cisco has a huge amount of resources to draw on. Where are they?
  4. Website my have problems. It is the time it is taking to get fixed which is the real problem.
  5. This thread was started on June 14. Then there was more posts about two weeks later. It is now July 11 and the problems continue. The message I get now is: Parsing header: got sigalarm, taking too long to process, aborted. Perhaps you can wait a few minutes and reload?
  6. According to the Cisco website, Cisco had over 65,000 employees in 2009. It is time they allocate a few to its "industry-leading anti-spam solution" so that it actually works. Right now Spamcop is not the "industry-leading anti-spam solution".
  7. I think we should start faxing letter to the Cisco Systems, Inc. executive suite asking them to devote whatever resources are needed to resolve this situation.
  8. It seems obvious Spamcop does not have sufficient resources to deal with a situation of this severity and magnitude. It is time to call on the rest of Cisco to supply enough resources to correct this situation immediately. If Cisco is not supplying more resources or Spamcop is not asking for more resources, we should write short letters and fax it to the Cisco corporate office. Cisco should not allow this to continue any longer.
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