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  1. kluless

    spam Flood

    No (dot)win spam for 3 days, looks like they've been shut down...
  2. kluless

    spam Flood

    Of course I submitted it, how else would I receive the tracking URL?
  3. kluless

    spam Flood

    I had already deleted the spam from, so I used the report from another .win spam, I had 76 to choose from so I went for the most recent one.
  4. kluless

    spam Flood

  5. kluless

    spam Flood It's an APNIC address I got another 76 spams from them today, looks like if you report them they retaliate with even more...
  6. kluless

    spam Flood

    Googled .win and got this... Looks like it's a spammer's home from home
  7. kluless

    spam Flood

    Over the past couple of days I've had quite a surge in spam, from the usual 5 or 6 per day to 50+ today. This is on a Y! account... Anyone else having this problem? I've noticed that a lot of them are coming from a .win domain e.g. enarnusy@thrivedesigngrants.win and the host for all of the .win mails is limestonenetworks.com
  8. Is it possible to use wild cards in addresses blocked on Yahoo mail? I have been receiving a load of spoof Amazon mails (reported to Amazon, but just get their standard reply). I've blocked the return address several times as they keep changing it, hence the wild card question... The Yahoo 'help' pages are like a maze, so I couldn't find anything there.
  9. kluless

    ovh.net & ovh.ca

    Thanks for the links
  10. kluless

    ovh.net & ovh.ca

    A few months ago I started receiving spam, originating on ovh.net & ovh.ca. I'm now receiving a lot more. ovh seems to have become a favourite host with a wide variety of spammers, not just the usual sex related spam but fake businesses as well. Of course spam from cloudflare is on the increase too...
  11. kluless

    Munging My Address In Body of Email

    I just received this response from one of the recipients of a Spamcop report I sent, what happened with the munged address?
  12. Thanks for the explanation, it was just alarming when these mails popped up, they seem somewhat threatening.
  13. I received these 2 emails today referencing 2 spam reports I'd made. How did they get my address?
  14. kluless

    Cloudflare & Volia.net

    After months of being free from Cloudflare spam I received 5 today on an account that has been pretty much spam-free for several years. I've also noticed that, since the drop in spam from Cloudflare, a lot of spam is now coming from sites hosted by Volia.net