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  1. I keep receiving spam from aneel[at]bug80.com, the abuse email is also aneel[at]bug80.com. I ran a 'who is' search on the domain name and it turns out that he/she is his/her own service provider. Is there a higher authority that this can be reported to, in order to stop this nuisance?
  2. kluless

    spam from aneel[at]bug80.com

    Thanks, I haven't received any more from them for over a week...
  3. kluless

    spam from aneel[at]bug80.com

    OK, I received a couple more today, from which is in the APNIC region.
  4. kluless

    spam from aneel[at]bug80.com

    I'll have to wait for another one to arrive, usually it's been 2 or 3 a day, but none for a couple of days now...
  5. Tried to report a couple of spams on Yahoo this morning, but found that there is no longer a 'View full header' option. There is a new option, 'View Raw Message', but that just produces a blank page...
  6. 'View full header' is back - looks like another Y! screw-up
  7. When I tried to log in to Spamcop this mornig I got a "500 Internal Server Error" and I still get it every time I try to log in...
  8. kluless

    500 Internal Server Error

    Same here, although by clicking reload several times the report does eventually get completed...
  9. kluless

    Why are these NOT being blocked?

    Thanks, the additional reports to uce.gov seem to have helped to stop the spam
  10. kluless

    Why are these NOT being blocked?

    I'm having a similar problem with colocrossing.com, I receive 3 or 4 spam mails from them every day, which I report - but it seems they don't think that their unsolicited mails are spam.
  11. kluless

    Yahoo login page screwed up

    Working now... I was right, just another 'improvement'
  12. Trying to log into my yahoo mail account but the login page is screwed up. I can enter my username & password but nothing happens. Anyone else having this problem? Looks like this is another yahoo 'improvement'
  13. Anyone else having a problem pulling up the full header in new Yahoo? This is what I'm getting - the option no longer appears in the drop-down when you have the message open - with the message unopened, and the box checked, the option appears in the drop-down, but does nothing when clicked on
  14. I've always used the Spamcop reporting form - Just copy/paste the full header into the box, then a blank line & finally copy/paste the message body and click Process spam
  15. There's a new View Full Header link - when you're viewing the spam, click on More at the bottom of the message, the View Full Header link there does work. At least it does using FF on my desktop...
  16. OK, I've found out how to view the full header - By clicking on 'More' at the bottom of the spam you're viewing, the 'View Full Header' link there does work...
  17. Just started getting spam mails with no body, but there is a block of HTML in the header - like this one: I found that by cutting & pasting the HTML block as the body of the message Spamcop can process them.
  18. It seems that Y!Mail now removes URLs from links in some spam messages. I'd noticed that some links were no longer 'clickable' then today I got this spam... which appears to confirm it.
  19. kluless

    Yahoo! Mail removing links in spam

    I actually went to www.worldsmedics.com out of curiosity, Avast immediately flagged it as malicious...
  20. For some time I've been receiving Iranian spam from Google groups, most of the messages have "You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "hasha324ss" group." at the bottom. I am not subscribed to any Google groups afaik, I certainly haven't subscribed to this particular group. I have been reporting this spam through the Spamcop reporting system and I've also reported the group abuse directly, but Google seem to just ignore the reports. Is there anything further I can do?
  21. kluless

    spam from Google Groups

    Looks like Google might be doing something about 3rd parties subscribing you to spam lists, I got this from them today
  22. kluless

    spam from Google Groups

    Thanks for the help, I found the unsubscribe address in the header and sent a mail, just got a 'Your unsubscription to hasha324ss was successful' message, so hopefully that's an end to it...
  23. kluless

    This group of spammers won't stop

    I'm having a similar problem with Google - I get loads of spam from Iran which is sent using googlegroups, I report them all but it seems Google is doing nothing about it. If anything it seems to be getting worse...
  24. kluless

    [Resolved] Time Outs

    Getting 'Gateway Timeout - In Read' errors again - can't report any spam...