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  1. Thanks flagginator. You put that into very good perspective for me. I guess I'll just keep on weeding.
  2. If anyone has a definitive answer to this, please let me know. I am wondering whether or not Spamcop is truly doing us any good. I ask this only because I personally still get overloaded with spam on a daily basis and I certainly notice that many of the emails are repeats of things I have already reported to Spamcop. This whole reporting process is extremely tiring. I wonder if I should continue to bother. I hope someone steps forward and tells me that they know unequivocally that our reports are taken seriously by the service providers to whom we send them and spam is no longer being sent from many of the places we have reported. Why is it that we still receive spam from many of the same sources even after we have reported that spam. Does anyone else feel that this whole thing might be a total waste of our time? Please know that I am not trying to be critical. I am asking the questions because I don't know the answers. But I am also tired to spending so much of every day going through the reporting process. It never seems to let up. Thanks Trisha
  3. by Wazoo by turetzsr Steve T, thank you! I think that's probably exactly what I needed to hear. :) I do sincerely thank you all for taking the time to explain what you did to me. I read each response carefully because I do want to become more knowledgeable about the technical side of reporting. Thanks for not treating me like the complete idiot I probably appear to be! Trisha P.S. I actually tried to figure out how to put in a quote that showed the name of the person who posted it but finally gave up. What you see is my contrived version.
  4. Guys - I'm not going to pretend that I know what you are talking about, because I don't. Maybe I didn't even ask the right question, or ask the question right. I will try with another similar thing I got when I went in through my Spamcop account to report the individual abuses. I am showing you the entire "spam Header." You will recognize the format because it comes right from Spamcop. The thing I am concerned about is the bolded part. What does "possible forgery" mean? Does it mean that there is nowhere to report this and this spam can't be stopped? I guess I don't understand the meaning of the entire bolded part. Is it anything I need to be concerned about? I apologize for being very unsophisticated about all of this. I am not well versed in any of it. Thank you. By the way, I use cox.net to receive my email ______________________________ This page may be saved for future reference: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z638734604z7a...d734aff9c88f73z <Parsing page results deleted by Wazoo, as the Tracking URL above is all that's needed to see the issue being queried.>
  5. I get the following message in my spam Header from Spamcop. 1: Received: from tome.guisbjsuzy[at]whale-mail.com ([]) by ifm50-ohk16.guisbjsuzy[at]whale-mail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.2941.6777); Tue, 31 Aug 2004 19:54:07 -0600 No unique hostname found for source: Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts Will not trust anything beyond this header Does that mean I should not even bother hitting the "Send spam Report(s) Now" button when I get those messages about forgery? It seems that's all I get basically. What are the implications then, that submitting information about those types of emails turns out to be useless?
  6. There's only one time of week that I KNOW spamcop will send me a response on spam that I have submitted. Sunday morning at around 5. Don't ask me why. I submit spam to them every single day of the week. The only time I get a response is Sunday morning. I am making an assumption it is the only time they don't have actual bodies there doing things and therefore things proceed smoothly. HOWEVER, there's a new wrinkle. What they feed me back on Sunday morning is stuff that I have submitted from earlier in the week. So that means I am getting my spam reports back saying that the spam is too old and cannot be processed. I pay for this service. This is definitely deja vu all over again. I stopped sending stuff for a long time because I got so sick of not having it processed. I thought I'd give it another try. Looks like I made a mistake again. This is such crap. The problem is not with my internet provider. If it were, I wouldn't be getting any returns; and the returns I got certainly would not be those submitted much earlier in the week (and not all of what I submitted either.) Again. I submit spam to spamcop 7 days a week. I submit fresh spam when it shows up. I am NOT delinquent in sending through spam. I get a response from spamcop one day a week - SUNDAY. I do NOT get a response on all of the spam I have sent through the week. But now what I do get a response to is old spam. Did I already say that this is such crap? Pretty elementary stuff unfortunately raised to the level of rocket science.
  7. Guys - Thank you so much for your help! I feel much better after reading it. I was thinking that the first IP address was the one that counted, and since it is always a Cox address, I was thinking it was the sloth I was talking about who was sending all this spam. Just so you know that I didn't malign the sloth without reason, I caught him red-handed spamming me in the past because some of the companies are now smart enough to tell you the IP address used to sign you up for their email! Thanks again. Trisha
  8. Here's the entire header from one of them. Return-Path: <nmqzlp[at]millionaire.com> Received: from [] (really []) by lakermmtai07.cox.net (InterMail vM. 201-2131-111-104-103-20040709) with SMTP id <20040806113155.OSBL21291.lakermmtai07.cox.net[at][]>; Fri, 6 Aug 2004 07:31:55 -0400 Message-ID: <70162142943709.510gcx55923bn[at]hotmail.com> Received: from by law6-en80.law8.hotmail.com with DAV; Fri, 06 Aug 2004 18:22:11 +0600 Reply-To: "Sylvia Leslie" <nmqzlp[at]millionaire.com> From: "Sylvia Leslie" <nmqzlp[at]millionaire.com> To: <trisha408[at]cox.net> Subject: experience pussy like never before Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 06:17:11 -0600 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="--20725500484669186" Thanks for any help you can give me on this.
  9. A very computer savvy loser has been setting me up for spam. I am positive I know who it is but I am helpless to stop the sloth. Here is my question. Please look at the first line in the header of a recent spammail I received. Received: from [] (really []) Can someone please explain that to me in English? I use Outlook Express for my email. What is the tie-in between the two IPS? Which one is the real one? Why does it give an IP address and then use the word "really" to introduce the 2nd? I really need to understand this because the majority of my spam comes from the first IP address, with a different IP after the word "really." I hope you can understand what I am asking. Thanks Trisha Curiously, does anyone know if child pornography is illegal over the internet? If so, could someone tell me where to report child porn spam I have been receiving?
  10. This place is SICKENING! Dark, I have Cox.net also and did exactly what you said to. I sent them my spam report as an attachment, and VOILA! I got about 86 reports back from Spamcop! My freakin joy of course was shortlived. Because replies from Spamcop ended as quickly as they started. So at this point I am getting immediately autoresponse from Cox, and CRAP from spamcop. I don't have the hours in a day to have to copy every freakin email into their internal system. I'm so hating Spamcop. What a bad joke this has turned out to be. A bad bad bad bad joke. I'm starting to have more respect for the losers who spam me than I am for this organization.
  11. Sometimes it takes me quite a while to get it! I just used the "forward as attachments" method. If that works, what a breeze! Thanks!!! (We'll see if it works. But boy that's a whole lot easier than fowarding the emails the way I had been doing, and then having to copy the headers one by one!
  12. I of course am referring to using the internal spamcop method and not forwarding the emails, something Steve has suggested as the best way to go. To date I have only forwarded my emails.
  13. Since I STILL have not received the 50 acks I have been waiting for (and refuse to send anymore until I do), I would safely assume there is another problem. Is it necessary to send the acual spam, or is the header enough? I'm totally screwed if it has to be the actual message because there is no way for me to EASILY do that. I must have an older version of Outlook Express because "source" is not an option when I right click on an open message. The only option I do have it clicking on the closed message, where I can get the properties of the header. Copy and paste obviously only works when there is not am image. Most of the spams I now get are predominantly image oriented. And could someone tell me what a "decoded" email body is?
  14. Since Spamcop still owes me 50 acks, I see no reason to forward the stack I have in my inbox. Does anyone know of any other anti-spam site?
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