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  1. I get that. But it could keep reports from getting back to reporter, depending on where and how it's routed. I still have some outstanding mail, but some is coming through now. I'll wait some more and see.
  2. I believe spamcop is not receiving/showing/forwarding new emails - I've sent three tests and none go from SC to my "real" address. Nothing since around noon 8/11/15 Pacific
  3. Thanks for asking. I'm interested in that as well...
  4. you're welcome. I hope the error message is a little more specific as well... That's what I thought, Don. So, it IS of no value to me? Like, it's not giving me any extension on my spamcop.net address or anything, right?
  5. OK. First, off-topic, the sign-up for this board is a bit too unfriendly. Apparently, my choice of "reason" for sign-up was "too long". Admittadly, I didn't read the link, but why not just a drop box? Now, second, and mainly: I guess I appreciate the "Fuel" I got from Cisco, but I don't see what it's worth. As a .spamcop mailservice user, it seems to be of no value to me. Comments? Doug
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