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  1. I have registered pair.com as a mailhost, but get this message when reporting spam; pair.com is flagged as trusted, but is not a registered mailhost, notifying admin Yes, I forwarded the message from the spamcop robot. I am using webmail to forward that entire message to mhconf.codedeleted[at]cmds.spamcop.net as instructed. If I do not uncheck the abuse[at]pair.com box, I receive this message; -------------------- Hello, this is Chris Carter from pair Networks, Inc. Abuse Dept. The mail you have reported through the SpamCop service has resulted in your own mail server being reported as the source of spam. This is due to logical problems with SpamCop's reporting system in dealing with forwarded mail, which is a common and difficult problem to overcome. Currently, SpamCop is implementing a system by which users can list their mail servers as valid, so they are ignored in reports like this one. Please contact SpamCop for assistance in setting this up for your account. It is important that you are able to avoid reporting your own server in these reports. This not only makes SpamCop more accurate, but avoids the problems of blocklisting that can sometimes occur for us because of reports like this. So, please take care with SpamCop reporting in the future. Thanks, Chris Carter pair Networks --- pair Networks' Abuse Dept. abuse[at]pair.com Statement of Policy: http://www.pair.com/policies/abuse.html
  2. When trying to register softhome.net as a mail host, I get this error; Detailed errors: Connecting to a.mx.softhome.net.: smtpSend:smtpEnvelope (service[at]admin.spamcop.net, somebody[at]softhome.net): smtpTo rcpt to:somebody[at]softhome.net (451 message delayed as part of spam avoidance measure ) I wonder if softhome realizes that their "spam avoidance measure" is preventing spam from being reported? This is a free account, so maybe they don't care.
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