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  1. infosniper(dot)net is similar kind of tool to know such information by entering IP address. I like the way they show geographical location of a server on a map.
  2. Well so far rack is concerned there is no need to arrange it especially for a single server. You can put your server on any rack as far as it will be able to be placed at a cool place. Temperature is the only factor important. Buying a rack for single server does not make sense but if you have any plan to increase the number of servers in future then you can buy it.
  3. Well, if your server is fully managed server, then you should seek help from technical support dpt. of your web hosting provider but after reading your post I think you are using unmanaged server hosting. In this case you can take the risk of restarting server at the time when the traffic is very low. If your website is a business website them I would suggest you to inform your visitors in advance through a notification about prior unavailability. You can also find some information over Dell BMC System at :- http://forums.host.co.in/showthread.php?t=...p=9173#post9173
  4. [at] petzl - Would it require to change some setting in the BIOS area? I mean first boot device and so on. Just asking because I am not an expert of that area still
  5. + 1 to this, as I have came across such forums which would request you to register an account to have access to certain kind of information and profiles sections can be a good example of it.
  6. Well, my suggestion would be to check if any such scanning option is available with photo editing software like Photoshop or Corel Draw, this may make it easy to scan multiple cards and sort them as you want.
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