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  1. I just recently was forced onto the new Outlook platform. It used to be called Beta but now I guess it is not anymore since it is in production. Anyway I used to click View Message Source in Outlook and copy that into the spamcop page and submit all my spam with no problems. Now with the new Outlook, 'View Source' is still there but whatever the source it is producing is, it is not compatible with Spamcop reporting system anymore. It always says it cannot find the source I.P. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Just noticed Yahoo now has the ability to view the raw message of an email to make it easy to copy and paste your spam into spamcop. You used to only be able to see the raw header, now its the whole email.
  3. Well seemingly big news from Yahoo(aka Verizon) Mail I have noticed. When viewing an email in Yahoo Mail, under the "More" drop down menu, instead of their being a View Full Header option, it has now changed to View Raw Message which opens a new window with the full message in text only. This makes it very easy to copy and paste into Spamcop, so no more forwarding thank god.
  4. Yup Full Header is back. I'm hoping the raw message thing is a new feature they are going to roll out and someone got ahead of themselves and released it into production prematurely or it actually was supposed to go into production but as we saw it didn't work.
  5. I just noticed a change in yahoo mail this morning. When viewing a message, when you clicked on the More button, one option was to view full header. Sort of useful but not exactly what we wanted. Now this morning it seems to have changed to 'View Raw Message'. Now that sounds like exactly what we want. I tried it out and unfortunately it is not yet working as every message I tried it with opened another tab but then that tab was totally blank. Hopefully they will get this working soon it sounds promising.
  6. Well i just contacted Yahoo about this. It should be comical to see their canned responses, not expecting any resolution.
  7. I posted about this in the pinned section too, but just this morning it seems I can no longer forward as attachment from yahoo mail using the Shift-Alt-F method, it just brings it up as an in-line forward. Is this happening to anyone else? Yahoo always seems to manage to mess things up. Maybe with all the money they made from the Alibaba IPO, they could hire some competent programmers.
  8. Shift-Alt-F was working for me until yesterday, now suddenly today it simply brings up a normal forwarding window and puts the message "in-Line". Has anyone else experienced this? I tried it on 2 different browsers just to be sure.
  9. I have been reporting from yahoo for a long time without problems and suddenly today all of the spam I submit from there is giving me a mailhost problem. This is what I'm getting. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5887748477z5...587118e60483dez Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source Mailhost: Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam No source IP address found, cannot proceed. Add/edit your mailhost configuration Finding full email headers Submitting spam via email (may work better) Example: What spam headers should look like Nothing to do. Can anyone help me? Do I need to pick a different value from the dropdown for yahoo? There are so many I wouldn't know which to choose. thanks
  10. Thanks, well I seem to have narrowed it down to basically one type of spam I'm having the problem with. Actually it boils down to one particular message I seem to get over and over in my spam folder on yahoo. The sender calls himself Canadian Pharmacy and the subject is this: "Viagra (30 pills 100mg) USD 81.90 & Cialis (30 pills 20mg) USD 91.50". I keep getting that same spam in my box almost every day and whenever I try to forward the attachment to spamcop, I get the message cannot be sent error from yahoo. I can forward any other spam from yahoo to spamcop no problem. So I guess yahoo must be flagging that message somehow by sender or subject or something and identifying it as spam and not letting it through? I can't think of any other reason? thanks
  11. In the last few days I have been unable to forward spam as an attachment to spamcop through using yahoo mail. I can send other email from yahoo with no problem and can forward as long as I don't do that Shift-Alt-F keystrokes for forwarding as an attachment. Has anyone else experienced this lately? I had been using that keystroke combination for quite some time with no problem. My Webpage There is a screenshot of the error message. thanks
  12. Hello, I am brand new to the forum but have been using spamcop for geez 10 years or more. Anyway I was fooling around with trying to forward the spam from my yahoo account to my spamcop reporting address. I am using the new yahoo mail interface. Also I'm using firefox though I doubt that makes a difference. I seemed to have gotten yahoo to forward my spam as an attachment, as it processed successfully through spamcop and I submitted it. I hit upon the key sequence of Shift-Alt-F, it put the spam email right above where the email body would normally be, with a little 'x' next to it. Sorry if I'm repeating something that everyone knows already. thanks
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