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  1. Yeah, I noticed that too. And most of my mail was done on an Iphone, and I regularly clear cookies from that and my PC. Yahoo isn't secure. It runs on Http instead of Https like Google and MSN do. That's what the problem is. And Yahoo won't listen either. Shame isn't it?
  2. When I was with Yahoo, I was getting tons of spam from Russian botnets. So I gave yahoo up and now I use Hotmail and Gmail, which both operate on secure servers. Believe it or not, yahoo doesn't run on a secure server, they run on http. That means more bad stuff is apt to get through. It really makes a difference, because its been over two weeks now without a single spam message in my inbox. I also opted out on offers when I got my gmail address. So far, no spam.
  3. Yahoo hasn't kept up with the times but Hotmail and Gmail have. It was time for a change. Come to think of it, I don't think any of my complaints made it to the block list..
  4. I think that's what was happening in my case. I ended up giving up my yahoo mail address and exchanged it for a gmail address. No more spam. None in my hotmail, which operates on an https server and none on my gmail. But I will continue to visit these forums though. I see that yahoo is definitely dying. It has declined drastically and their service is nothing to write home about. Hotmail has come a long way though. Introducing the https option to customers was their best move. I am a very happy customer of MSN and Google. See ya later Yahoo!
  5. I thought I would ad a note here. Now that I have found out how to send a proper abuse report, this morning, I woke up to a little less spam than usual. Instead of seventeen emails from the same spammer, I only found eight of them. And now, I was able to send out more abuse reports. The spammer is jumping from ISP to ISP and I think it's because they are aware that they are being sniffed out. They went from Gmail to Telecom, RU, and now to another server in Russia. I forgot the name, but they are jumping around a bit. I think I may have them on the lam. I may not be able to catch them, and I will still get rogue emails from this bozo, but at least I know I have them working extra hard not to get caught. Who knows? Maybe they will run out of options soon enough. Hard to tell, this is my first time using this service. I'll keep everyone posted.
  6. That makes two of us. This just recently started happening to me. I didn't click on anything or go to any website that was strange. But now that I think of it, it could've come from Twitter. Anyway, just reported a fresh batch of spam. Hopefully that will have an impact on what happens to future citizens, and give spammers what they deserve, one way ticket to " You are so dead right now." I could say worse, but I refrain.
  7. Okay, I'll be reporting more stuff when I get home from work. I have seventeen spams coming from some bozo on Gmail. Oh yeah that Reminds me, I think I'll hit Gmail first and put in a formal abuse complaint. I'll keep my SpamCop membership a secret.
  8. I was curious as to how long it will take, after the spam is initially reported, for the reports to be filed, and action is taken against the offender? Just curious. I've just started actually reporting quite a bit of spam this afternoon and tonight, and I'm not sure of the turnaround time on it. In the mean time, I have managed to block the email addresses of the offenders, on my Yahoo Mail account, hoping that might work, and then again, maybe not because they can always open up new accounts... Hoping this works... But if it doesn't, how long until SpamCop puts the freeze on an offender?
  9. I've just recently been attacked by a mad spammer. This information is going to come in really handy. I have yahoo mail and they really aren't taking care of the problem as they should. So I came here, and I'm very glad I did. You'll see me alot too. Thank you for adding this information, it's useful and practical. I wish Yahoo would step up though. Moved from Topic "Pinned: Forum Use."
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