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  1. I've put this in our developers' queue to have a look at. The key is here: Reports regarding this spam have already been sent: Re: (Bounce) Reportid: 7097982956 To: noc@galaxydata.ru The spam with the blank RP is treated as a bounce by the system Richard
  2. Thanks. I've added this to another ticket that is similar. It is on the list for the next patch rollout. RicharD
  3. I think your ISP changes and your not receiving replies are related, but not really. Just because your smtp settings change in your mail client, doesn't mean the path of your incoming mail changes. I'm not sure what you are expecting to see as a new mailhost. The address you are submitting for mailhost setup is a rr.com address and that mailhost already exists in your account. I see the November 18 mailhost config email was sent to a different LHS address than your SC account is under, but the host is the same. As far as not getting responses to submitted spam, it comes down to 'did the submission reach us?'. It could be a problem of your ISP blocking the submissions with their outgoing spam filters, so the submissions don't reach us, or your submissions reach us but your ISP blocks our replies. I do see some submissions in your account from today, so at least those submissions are reaching us. If you didn't get replies then you know the problem is your ISP blocking the replies. If the submissions are reaching us, as they are and you saw at least the one in your report history, there will be an "Unreported spam" link on the main SpamCop page. Clicking that will take you to the first submission, where you can complete the reporting process. If the unreported spam link is not there, your submissions did not reach us. Richard
  4. Just to follow up, it ended up the time was out on one of the servers. SpamCop runs on many servers with load balancing. Every page you see may be served up by a different server (look at the source code of the page and it will tell you what server it came from (www01 to www03, app01 to app08, and others, 24 in all)). Making sure the time was synced across the servers fixed the issue. BTW Outernaut, just clicking refresh often brought up a shorter time, or even no nag screen if the second was a time in the future.
  5. Just to clear one thing up, we do not sell the database. The SpamCop Blocking List is free to anyone who wants to use it. Since the community contributes greatly in the compilation of the service, it is only fair the community should be free to benefit from it. I only became aware this morning that the nag time had climbed. It is a bug, not anything sinister or intentional. The setting is for a maximum of seven seconds, so I have filed a ticket to have this investigated and fixed since I have been able to duplicate the extended nag screens. Incidentally, the history of the nag screen was a revenue generation put in place by Julian. The nag screen was to be an advertisement display, but there was ever only one taker. When Ironport bought SpamCop the decision was made to not be advertising dependent, but we've never written the nag screen out. We've talked about it many times but have been told it is too integrated to just easily drop and we should wait until the new GUI is in place. After many years, we're still told it's coming, it's coming
  6. Please send me details at service@ spamcop.net. I see your account and there has been no credits. However, we have not used Paypal for a couple of years and no longer have a Paypal account. All payments are now through Stripe. I have a couple of failed payments in Stripe for 9/16 and 9/18, but they don't look they are connected to you.
  7. A major upgrade to the SpamCop reporting system is scheduled to take place Sunday night. This is the long awaited move to SpamCop version 5.0. The upgrade is scheduled to start around 10:00 pm PST (-800) Sunday, January 13, 2019 and will take from eight to ten hours. The SpamCop website may not be available during some or all of this time. If you see "Maintenance Mode" you will know the changes are in progress. Thank you for your support and patience, Richard
  8. If you write me at deputies@ with your account address and the addresses you are trying to add, I'll see what I can do. Can't do much with Hotmail or Gmail until they get they crap together and start following standards again, but if you have other hosts I may be able to dig them up.
  9. Another possibility is, I notice bouyguestelecom.com has their own issue with IP addresses being listed. It is possible they are rejecting mail because their own IP is listed, but their error message shows the connecting IP. In this case they would be rejecting most of their incoming mail and would hopefully notice quickly.
  10. I'll file a bug report on the exact matches as those should be munged. I can't say whether the address is being munged in the delivered report or not. In the ones I check in the past, they were munged. This looks to be a different situation though. The only real way of checking is to send yourself a report and see what you get. I can't really make an argument on munging the from address where it is not an exact match with the recipient address though. sameLHS [at]gmail.com is not a match with the address the spam was sent to. If its any consolation, this does look to be gamut spam, so the reports are not going back to the spammer/bot operator. But it is a door we need to get closed again. Richard
  11. There will be a planned outage of the SpamCop forum on Monday April 25 from 6:00 am to 10:00 am PDT. During this time the forum hosting provider will be upgrading the software to its new version. Richard
  12. Lou is correct. When we took over the MX from CESmail in 2014 our concern was we didn't want users losing email addresses they had come to rely on, but it was not feasible to take over the actual mail service. Therefore our promise was to forward received mail to an address provided by the user. No filtering is done. The mail shouldn't be coming to you as an attachment. The mail just passes through as a .fwd rule, adding a hop to the header. There is no actual server at mvx.spamcop.net to accept the mail, store it and forward it. Richard
  13. Word is the bug should be fixed. A patch was pushed out Wednesday night after a couple of days of beta testing. The issue was created when some coding was changed/removed to correct css vulnerabilities. It took a while to get a secure workaround.
  14. I just want to follow up a little bit with what Lou had to say. As many of you have noted, it has been a rough few weeks around SpamCop. Believe me though, it's been tougher on this side of the screen than on your side. With all the security breaches and break ins and data thefts, everyone is concentrating on security. There has been huge increases in spam in recent weeks from exploits in all the major CMS software, including Joomla, WordPress and others. This means anything scripting, such as php, cgi, or whatever is suspect. Our back end teams are pouring through code looking for anything that might be suspect and making changes. Of course with all the inter-dependencies in SpamCop those changes will sometimes unexpectedly break things. That's what is behind things like the not finding links issue, html display issues, etc. It's a time consuming process but it is all being done to maintain the integrity and security of SpamCop. Fixing some of the breaks will always be prioritized along with all projects underway, so sometimes they are going to take longer than normal. They are all being tracked and will be fixed. Cisco remains committed to SpamCop and SpamCop is a very important part of their security operations. This includes SpamCop being part of the Talos group at talosintel.com, where we are part of Cisco's overall security research, response and development team. Richard
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