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  1. A story has just made the front page over on Slashdot about someone who's working on a way to "automate Spamcop submissions." I'm sure there will be much ranting, raving, and misinformation flung back and forth so it would be nice if some of the regulars around here could come along and participate.
  2. If that's not spam, then I don't know what is. Report everything they send to you and send a campuswide email explaining how to use SpamCop. A month or three on the blacklist sounds just like what they need.
  3. Sorry, that wasn't my implication at all. What I was trying to say is that we're dealing with 1) a link-farming, click through our ads to make money sort of page that generally is infested with spammers of some sort, and 2) a person who believes in those "get paid to read email" schemes. With those two things in evidence I'd just be a little skeptical of any claims or facts offered in the thread. That's all.
  4. Has anyone actually looked at compdough.com? It's another one of those garbage "Visit our partners and click on their banners to earn free money!" sites. Couple that with a username that contains "paid e-mail" and I really have to raise an eyebrow to the whole situation...
  5. Hey Bill! Don't forget to bankrupt the lawyer while you're at it!
  6. So which one is it? Are you a Network Manager or a System Administartor? Either way, you have a capitalised job title and I quake in fear at your mighty powers.
  7. Got bandwidth? I highly recommend setting up a SpamVampire page. It works, especially if you have friends who are willing to help you out. Not everyone here agrees with using SpamVampire as it's an agressive stance to take, but I've found it to be effective and even a little entertaining.
  8. After being barraged for the past week by spams for the adult sites at www.zoo345.com, I got quite tired of it and finally followed through with learning how to make my own spam Vampire page. And after 72 hours of high-speed hammering... poof! Gone. Won't ping, won't resolve, won't do a thing. I don't know if it's my doing or spam reports or even if it's just temporary, but I have to say MAN, that feels GOOD!! (and yes, I know that many of you vehemently disagree with counterattacks - but please bear with me while I do a short happy dance, won't you?)
  9. Same here. I'm being barraged by both of those. I report them all and they still never let up. I wouldn't mind seeing a spam vampire site or two go after them.
  10. So you're saying that party A sent a business proposal to party B and it was reported as spam? I'm going to trust you that parties A and B were somewhat vaguely in the same line of work and that party A wasn't asking party B if they would like to expand their line of imported cheeses and wines to also include V1AgARa and NUDE TEEN SLUTS! And even if that is the case, an ISP that disconnects a business account over a single spam complaint is about as twitchy as Robin Williams on a 24-hour caffeine bender. Not even slightly a good business practice, IMHO. I'm thinking that we're missing some details here. Can you elaborate?
  11. Have you actually looked at gorbs.com? The splash screen talks about how Gorbs does web design, silk screening, music production, etc. and invites you to "browse the site to see what Gorbs can offer you." Try to do any browsing, though, and you quickly learn that every link on the page - and even the background graphics - is simply a mailto: an address at optonline. This is either the worst-configured webpage ever or someone's up to no good.
  12. It's "query," but typed with an accent. I think he's from Boston.
  13. If you aren't following up with the replies that you get from SpamCop, then you aren't actually reporting anything. SpamCop is a tool that automatically does some digging to find out who needs to be notified about sources of spam, but it still requires a little human intervention to make sure it works right. Those links enable you to take a final look at the junk mail and essentially say "Yes! This is spam, now go hit Scott Richter in the head with a bat!" If SpamCop was 100% automatic then it would be easier to use, but the error rate would go through the roof since people would lose that last chance to make sure they aren't reporting non-spam mail by accident. Yes, it's a pain, but there's no rule that says you have to report each and every piece of spam that you get. I report everything that gets past my filters and then do more if I have time. If you only have time to report five or ten then just report those and delete the rest. Anything is better than nothing, which is what you're doing now.
  14. You mis-spelled "bottom-feeding parasite in need of a savage beating."
  15. What kind of addon are you looking for? TBird already forwards attachments properly and you can't skip the verification process, so what else can be done? (Not trying to be dismissive at all, btw. There could be some brilliant idea that I just can't think of at the moment.)
  16. I get the feeling that it might be related to this post here. What I don't understand is what the mail means. If it's a spoof, what are they trying to pull off? There's no request for info, no try to social engineer. If it's a legit mail, how is it helpful? I don't know how they could track which addresses had been compromised, so that makes me a little suspicious, but overall it just seems like either a) a badly worded support email or 2) a lame attempt at spooking you into discontinuing your work at SpamCop. I wouldn't sweat it too much. If it's a spoof, they failed. If it's legit, someone will be along shortly to explain more.
  17. As fast as you can without causing a fire or attracting the attention of your ISP. I've seen it run at a very satisfying speed on a cable modem, so I imagine you'll be able to inflict a nice bit of damage where you are. It's crawling right now because of the Slashdot crowd, but you should see it going full tilt!
  18. You got a little mention over on Slashdot and it seems like it's had an effect! I'm sure you have some new sites to chew on and now seems like a good time. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, go here. It's a spam Vampire page that helps to increase the cost of spamming just a wee bit. Sometimes fatally.
  19. Glad to be of assistance. It's always nice to see a problem get wrapped up this quickly.
  20. A look at Senderbase shows that your email volume has gone up 574% since yesterday and is up 513% compared to the last 30 days. A quick check of OpenRBL shows that you're getting picked up by more blocklists - 5 so far. Your system has been badly compromised and needs to be patched or unplugged before you're in every blocklist out there. What kind of mail server are you running? If you'll post the software and version number that you're running there will certainly be someone along soon who can tell you what the problem is likely to be. In the meantime, be sure to browse the pinned "Why Am I Blocked? item.
  21. It certainly looks like you are. And if you look here then you can see that your email volume has gone up over 200% since yesterday. You're also listed here. Looks like something's wrong on your network.
  22. You should be aware that according to Senderbase there are seriously compromised ip addresses in your neighborhood. The amount of mail traffic from has gone up 10,875% in the past day! That machine needs to be disconnected, disinfected, and probably shot. If the spew from your area doesn't end soon you're going to end up on every blacklist on the planet.
  23. Please keep in mind that, whenever possible, SpamCop does not mark an "entire neighborhood" for blocking. If spam is coming from a single ip address and that single address represents only one machine (an infected computer on a college campus, let's say) then the only that particular machine/ip is put on the list. "Neighborhoods" are only listed when that ip address is shared between different parties (several businesses sharing an outbound server at a hosting company, in which case there's no way to identify which particular business is the source of the spam) or when it's apparent that any ip address owned by a particular entity ("bulletproof" spam-hosting services, most of China, etc.) is going to be used as a source of spam. If you really look at the facts, SpamCop tries to be as precise as possible when it comes to the block list.
  24. Oh, he found it all right. Already replied over there and called us "terrorists" again, too. I guess we need some masks and a catchy slogan now.
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