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    No new mail arriving

    Fastmail then? I'm not a techie type, only got with SpamCop many years back from a recommendation. Spent the effort to configure the setup and didn't really want to move. Thought I would move at the last outage a couple months ago, but didn't. I'm throwing in the towel this time, this silly business of waiting 36 hours for "parts" just doesn't wash when I see Five 9's uptime talked about with other services.
  2. MountainSpam

    Update: Outage

    Good Gravy! Waiting for parts?!? Nope, nope, nope. It's just unacceptable to have this many failures in the last year whilst always "waiting for parts" or other such nonsense. What is the comparable spam service that is able to remain functioning that everyone is moving to?
  3. MountainSpam

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    Still down. I've also been with SpamCop for years. What alternatives are out there?
  4. Hello. My SpamCop email has been down the last couple hours. Mail sent to the SpamCop address does not appear in the webmail interface, nor is it retrievable from resident programs. I have verified that my sending ability is intact from 2 addresses, but nothing sent to SpamCop is currently available. I see in the Announcements that there is scheduled maintenance beginning tomorrow and am wondering if they didn't start a little early. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Ah, now I see there is maintenance ongoing. Nevermind.