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  1. Well, that is what I thought was happening, since I do know what /dev/null is. So we can't email that network admin to get them to stop the trouble? They sure aren't seeing it in my friendly time zone hours .....
  2. I'm getting inundated with email from them. They appear to only be sending to me. Test report: http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrac...rtid=5944745317 When email gets sent to addresses like this, abuse#as29141.net[at]devnull.spamcop.net, does anything get reported? (Sorry, I've always wondered....) Seriously. I've probably received 50 in the last two hours. Same email/text.
  3. I wish they would get taken down. I'm still getting spam through 192.95 all .info websites.
  4. Thank you!! I wouldn't have found these links if you hadn't pointed them out to me. I keep on the reporting page mostly. The spammer is using 192.95.0. I'll see if I can find the other site. Thanks again!!!
  5. I've used SPAMCOP for reporting for years with my various email accounts. For months, this one email account has been flamed with spam that I suspect is from one person/group. They bounce me with dozens of spam for a few weeks and then die off while they find new sites to use. This time, they are using ovh.net, who apparently is ignoring the reporting. After several weeks of seeing ovh.net as the recipient for the reports, I looked them up. There are webhosting forums dated in 2007 that warn about the abuse with ovh.net and the lack of diligence in keeping the site from spam or warez. My question... is there anything else that can be done? I don't understand why ovh.net isn't on the blacklist? While I'm thinking of it, acceleratebiz.com seems to have the same type of trouble. ~Melissa
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