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  1. Right - we figured that out the hard way... we examined some mail via imap prior to forwarding, and got reported as a spammer source in the reports ! Thanks again Don for the clarification ! Regards...
  2. Once again; thanks for your prompt reply DON... Clarification: the "exempt" terminology was used solely due to lack of a better term to conceptually relate the concept of not being included in the spam reports when forwarded mail is parsed... remember we're NEWBIES and will, over time, get the correct lingo down ! Nonetheless: thanks for clarifying that specific point, and for your patience in this matter !!! Regards, Respectfully, SCMG Enterprises, LLC.
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply Don !!! Some of what you've said makes perfect sense, and some does not: so please allow me to attempt to posit this query in a "practical" way that will hopefully remove the remaining cobwebs from my feeble mind... To be clear... As an example: lets say we have 10 emails set up on "domain.com" - emails 1 through 10 - specifically: email1[at]domain.com, email2[at]domain.com, etc etc etc... and given; we have successfully exempted and registered email1[at]domain.com at this time... does that mean that we do not have to exempt and register email2[at]domain.com, ET AL - because they are all going to be forwarded from the same pre-exempted / registered mail server as email1[at]domain.com ? If so, would that also mean we can forward all 10 accounts into our SC email account, and report all the spam from all the accounts by just registering that one account from the mail server we have ? Thanks again everyone for your time and patience in this matter... Regards, Respectfully, SCMG Enterprises, LLC.
  4. For the record: NEWBIE here... now that we've gotten that trivia out of the way... lets get to some issues and questions: We are a new SC Email account user ( ), and we are attempting to get the same accounts we just recently had approved using a reporting only account - approved into our new SC email account as well. Now the questions and "issues" arise: When we attempt to add a host (previously approved for the reporting account) to the email account, we can not, as the system now reports that we have some "new" complicated setup, and we need a waiver... Mind you - we are using the same computer, IP, and setup we did when we entered them into the reporting only account... OK - Don graciously grants us the waiver (...very odd and strange that would have to be done at all - but nonetheless - he does it...) Now the really weird part: Don grants the waiver, and we say OK - time to ad the next account - and we add the new mailhost - and - low and behold - no waiver needed... GREAT you say - so what is the problem ? The problem is the latest / newest unwaiver needing account has SUPPLANTED the previous submission in the mailhost list, which is now - nowhere to be seen in the mailhost list (twilight zone)... Each successive mailhost addition now supplants it's predecessor in the list, and any accepted predecessors simply vanish !!! We have now entered a dimension of sight and sound... Anyone able to shed some light on this ? What are we doing wrong ? Thank you all in advance for your time and patience in this matter... Regards, SCMG Enterprises, LLC.