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  1. YMMV, but since ending my use of CESmail for filtering (and reporting) spam to my domain, I've found Google to be good at identifying spam, with low false positive and false negative rates. Most of the false negatives are because of inDUHviduals in a particular state cannot correctly transcribe the letters s f c n (for the Spanish Fork Community Network), so it's not really a failure on Google's part. Later, Sten
  2. One of the accounts deletes the messages once they are POPped. Since CESmail did not deliver them after POPping, about 24 hours of messages (about 10/hour) were lost. Another account retains the messages, but does not provide a way to rePOP messages from a specified date, so I had to enable rePOPping over a year of messages in order to have the 24 hours of missing messages scanned.
  3. I did (Case 56351). The only response I have received in 11 days was the auto responder.
  4. The last email Spamcop has retreived was at 2:22 Central. Everything since is still sitting on the Google server. Is anyone else seeing this? I reset my app-specific password, and entered it into CESmail, but it has yet to be used.
  5. I still have 24 hours of email missing. I don't - I have CESmail retreive it using POP, so I doubt the original servers will retry. SpamCop certainly did not - it flagged reports as bouncing, and disabled my account.
  6. I've been receiving recent email, but messages retreived by CESmail from my POP accounts between 3am Apr 30 and 3am May 1 are missing. When will they be delivered? As they were successfully delivered to the POP server, they will not be resent by the source in response to a bounce.
  7. So what happened to the email which they retreived over the past 14 hours from external POP servers? Did CES just bounce all of it?
  8. Yes. It's for that reason that I will not be renewing my account the next time the bill comes due. It's no longer worth the aggrivation.
  9. For values of "up" including scrambled messages.
  10. Oh, there is something. I use CES to consolidate several other addresses, and it's still pulling down that email. CES just won't let me see it once it's retreived.
  11. Is the email system being run as a business, or as a hobby? It certainly appears that it's a hobby.
  12. Not here, or at http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/webmail.spamcop.net "It's not just you! http://webmail.spamcop.net looks down from here."
  13. Cisco owns the SpamCop name. That makes them responsiblie for what they allow to happen - and market - under that banner. Cisco claims that these are "professional-grade SpamCop email accounts" - they need to take steps to make that true.
  14. If "resolved" means "doesn't work", then it's "resolved". pop.spamcop.net is using a certificate which is only valid for mail.spamcop.net, so Google is still returning an SSL Security Error attempting to retrieve email. https://webmail.spamcop.net/ is still using a certificate which expired on 09/28/2013 02:16 PM. The current time is 09/29/2013 01:08 PM. Sten
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