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  1. Hi all. We recently got blacklisted by spamcop, for the given reason that we emailed a spam-trap address, and I can only imagine it is due to one of the several auto-responder systems we run. So I read the Spamcop position on auto-responders, and that we shouldn't use them. Well this forum used one. It sent an email to the address I entered in the registration. Our forum needs to use one as well, to verify the person's address who signed up. As does our commerce site. As does our support desk. It's simply not an option to turn this off. So the spamcop FAQ, whilst possibly of some use to individuals, is not useful for organisations who need to run auto-responders. SPF and DKIM only work if the domain has records. But if an email address is entered by an HTTP form, there's no MTA IP to check, nor DKIM. So it seems the spam-trap system is wide open to abuse, and can be used to get innocent servers listed by anyone who happens to know (or is able to guess) honeypot addresses. We've been operating the mail server for 18 years, and we've never spammed anyone. To be listed is a serious problem for us. What happens if the list of spam-trap addresses got leaked or hacked? Are the addresses cycled, or expired?
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