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  1. After complaining the case to IC3, 14 days ago, the trouble stopped. We're no longer subject of this ROKSO. Any other action failed, nobody in China is responsible or interested to stop crime over Internet. Case is solved
  2. Tested with Exchange 2010 & 2013, even same Outlook Version with success: SpamSource. SpamGrabber failed with any option, SpamSource does work like a charme.
  3. Leaseweb is a known Black Hat. In the past very much people tried to abuse hosted "sites and services". Leaseweb Germany denied to be responsible and claimed to report to Leaseweb Netherland. Netherland denied to be responsible and claimed that Germany is responsible. And so on and on. At the end Leaseweb is hosting and supporting ROKSO content and all we could do is reporting without success.
  4. Good morning, after one day not in the office the madness is growing. Surely, gzipdz[at]public.gz.cn still is bouncing with mailbox full. So I started to collect responsibles and wrote an very large email with many details to everybody that may have a chance to act on this violation. There are more and more ROKSO using Chinanet, as there is no chance to report an abuse. The last good known adress to interact with Chinanet was: hostmaster[at]ns.chinanet.cn.net If somebody may wonder, here is the reply: This is the worst case I've ever seen (yes there are a few one but not with such a charge). A hoster ignoring everything. I don't see any chance to stop Chinanet nor the Organisations using this Black Hat. I'll try to fire up to the embassy to get in contact with any responsible person in the China government. The amount of spamvertised sites is growing every hour. Spamcop does not recognize the bouncing mails, this is even very strange.
  5. Just for the memories: The mailbox still is full. I'm wondering that it's allowed and without any consequences to have no reachable mailbox, registered at apnic. Just used anti-spam[at]ns.chinanet.cn.net and will see what will happen
  6. It is very frustrating that fighting spam is useless. No law does help us fighting spam, every country hosts spamvertised sites and just no one is willing to take down the Black Hats. It's just easy to ignore abuse reports or to shut down the abuse mailbox. The answer from Spamcop Admin does show the situation. He thinks that there are only a few reports did bounce but in real CN is not interested to block spammers. And yes, the abuse mailbox of CN still is full. Only 3 hours per day are needed to clean the GFI Filters and catched mails to recognize the real ones...
  7. Now I got it: It does not fit to: but nobody is able to know every "Service" Nice to know that I could save the time to report CNNET. Next step: Blacklist on our GFI to /dev/null
  8. Checked the CN mailbox several time, it still is: full
  9. I agree for the past. Since days the Mailbox for Chinanet is full. Checked again this morning, same time as yesterday, 07:30 MET (+2). I even checked the abused sites, all are online and healthy and spamvertised. Wil check again serveral times today but I think they did stop to act against the Spammer Organisation, this group creates tons of sites every week. On a normal day we have ~500 spam Mails only for this "Health Service"
  10. Hi Communitiy, we are receiving very, very much spam from one "Organisation". As they use Chinanet to host the spamvertised sites I was wondering if the Hostmaster is not able to get his network controlled. I wrote to the official mailadress as listed in the report Same adress is used by Spamcop. Okay, we have send tons of abuse mails with Spamcop and now I have to see that the mailbox is full, the mailserver did respond with Quota... Is there any way to get in contact or is this the sign that the hoster and ISP does not care about spam? Why does Spamcop not recognize the response from the mailserver? I think I could stop sending abuse reports as they are not received.
  11. Using the Outlook workaround form does work. It's not very funny to report every spam using the web form. The last update kicked down the parser... Created a ticket and will wait for response
  12. Maybe I'm too stupid to report spam today. No hyperlink is parsed nor found in the spam, but there are enough links: Report ID What's wrong today?
  13. Same today, not only one hyperlink is detected: spam Report
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