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  1. An outage or two back, I stopped forwarding my email to spamcop and pointed my email client at the place that used to forward. The change was transparent to myself and people sending to me. 10 years ago, spamcop really cut down the spam but that hasn't been true for me for some time. Besides, Thunderbird's Bayesian spam filtering is very good - far more accurate than anything I've seen from Spamcop in years. So when the spamcop email system came back up, I just never switched it back. Which I guess saved me from switching it back back.
  2. 40 per month??? Wow! I've received 1652 spams in the last month. Are you using additional spam filtering service(s) prior to spamcop?
  3. Without mentioning anything specific or a direct competitor, I'll just mention that a couple of outages back, I went to my web host to stop forwarding email and I noticed that since I had set up spamcop (around a decade ago) my webhost had added anti-spam features including spam assassin, virus filtering, grey listing and black lists. I turned these on to the default level and it was more successful at blocking spam than spamcop has been in recent years. So, just a thought, you may already have a service at your web host or ISP and, like me, simply haven't noticed it.
  4. Wow - I've found that a spam assassin score of 3 causes a lot of legit emails to go to held mail and even 4 causes enough to be annoying. I'm amazed that you can use 1.
  5. Of the last 32 spam emails I received, my host's free spam filtering found 59% of them and the rest were spotted by Thunderbird. It's probably dangerous to make broad comparisons on such small numbers of messages, but I think I will stick with my host's spam feature for the time being. Thanks for the update!
  6. Are you still tracking this? How is it doing lately?
  7. Well that's certainly better than what I was seeing. Since the last outage, my email hasn't been going through Spamcop but if it gets reasonably effective and stays up for awhile, I could be tempted back. Could you tell us what spam cop features are blocking your messages? For example, on my messages prior to the outage, the vast majority of SC blocks were due to spam Assassin. That didn't impress me all that much since I tend to assume that Thunderbird's filtering is likely to get whatever spam Assassin gets. However, if some or all of the block lists are now catching significant amounts, then SC is interesting to me again.
  8. Yeah, all I got was 6 spams. I finally redirected my email away from spamcop and asked people (who I know had sent email) to resend and have already received the 2nd copies. It was good for a long time and maybe it will be again, but at the moment it's just too finicky for my use. (And the lack of communication is even more annoying.)
  9. OK, I guess I missed the intent. I thought there was something limping along enough to be used as a work around.
  10. Maybe I'm not understanding you but if I look at my mail via the webmail interface, it is accessible, but there is still nothing in there that was sent after about 1AM this morning. For example an email I sent to myself an hour ago is not there.
  11. I hope my comments about Thunderbird weren't interpreted as a suggestion that you should be using Bayesian filtering and not care about Spamcop performance. I am running Bayesian filtering and it's pretty much the only defense that doing anything for me at the moment but I would prefer that many more spams be caught at Spamcop. Since last night: 30 more spams. 3 were caught by Spamcop via spam Assasin and one was caught by sbl.spamhaus. All the rest were caught by Thunderbird. So I'm wondering if block lists just aren't effective or is something going wrong such that they're not being checked reliably?
  12. spam Assassin applies even when not using Web mail. In fact, my total since I started counting yesterday is: 8 Spams in Held mail due to a spam Assassin score of 5 or more. 2 Spams in Held mail due to sbl.spamhaus.org (no other block lists mentioned in held mail) 47 Spams caught by Thunderbird as Junk 1 got through to my inbox.
  13. Since clearing out Held mail yesterday I've received 26 spams. 1 went into Held Mail 24 were delivered and classified by Thunderbrid as junk 1 got through both defenses and into my inbox.
  14. For some time it’s been "seeming" to me like spamcop hasn’t been filtering all that much. After reading this message I cleaned out held mail and waited a few hours. The result: 8 new spams in my Thunderbird junk folder. Zero in Spamcop Held mail. Of course a few hours is not much of a test and Sundays seem generally slow for spam anyway. My black lists haven’t changed in years and are: SpamCop Blacklist Spamhaus Blacklist Nigeria Are other blacklists better?
  15. It sounds like you might prefer POP over IMAP?
  16. Yep - I used healthcare.gov successfully months ago. There was one glitch which the website warned me about in advance and told me how to work around it when it occurred. Acceptable for a newish website I thought. On the other hand, I've been used Spamcop for over a decade so at this point I kind of expect it to be a well-oiled machine that just hums along... But apparently not.
  17. It would really be nice if someone could post some kind of message saying that someone is at least thinking about this. Earlier I was thinking this was bad but at least we would be back on-line on Monday morning, but now we are now into the 4th day without email, and no one is even saying anything like: we're working on it, or oops, or an ETA or... (It wasn't even easy to get signed up for this forum since all my email was routing through spamcop.)
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