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  1. Hello, Please take a look into you records: Oooops is currently listed in APEWS :-( Entry matching your Query: E-599554 C-131 Unallocated CIDR, no traffic until allocated, or allocated to bad reputation provider or allocated but dynamic / generically named IPs, or bogons, see www.cidr-report.org, or orphaned IP / CIDR in routing tableHistory: Entry created 2012-08-26 Then double think about criteria and do something to remove such this record. Based on such criteria you should list all the internet ip's and then delist it per your choice? How nice.
  2. Hello, Unfortunately that is not true. Some idiots still use them. Otherwise most black list spam checker do not show them. For such "antispam" block list i could see only one way - internet community must sent them to the Hell. They only destruct email communication at all and nothing more.