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  1. forrie

    Apple Mail SpamCop Reporting

    Looks like this is only for iOS and iPad. I think what I'm describing can be accomplished with AppleScript, interfacing with Apple Mail -- I just don't know how to do it.
  2. I have been using an old, abandoned plugin for Thunderbird called "Habul" that would bulk-send spam tagged messages to my SpamCop "quick" address. It's very simple, effective. I wonder if there is a similar tool available for Apple Mail that could do this? I don't know AppleScript, but I can't imagine the functionality itself is difficult to achieve. Alternatively, it could be run against a folder -- but it's probably better to have a user tag the message as spam first. Thanks.
  3. forrie

    New botnet spamming

    Over the last 3 says I noticed a significant uptick in spamming from another botnet. Most of it is dating, someone shared their pics, etc. etc. Anyone else getting affected by this?
  4. forrie

    Adjunct SpamCop Reporting Tools

    I meant a CLI that will help automate my reports TO my spamcop address (quick report).
  5. forrie

    Adjunct SpamCop Reporting Tools

    Yeah, I can see that point (LKing). I'd be Ok with a CLI tool that I can just run that will go out and authenticate to my IMAP accounts, process the spam (after I visually weeded it out).
  6. forrie

    Adjunct SpamCop Reporting Tools

    As I mentioned above, I think it would be good if SpamCop supported their own addons, in support of their service. Makes perfect sense to me. I don't know who Legolas is/was, only that he wanted nothing to do with his abandoned project.
  7. forrie

    Adjunct SpamCop Reporting Tools

    The original developer "legolas<something>" abandoned it. When I emailed him a while go, he summarily deleted it from SourceForge etc. Tho, he did send me an archive of what he had. Can you post the link to "Report spam"? Does it work similarly? ACTUALLY: wouldn't it be beneficial if SpamCop had and maintained their own addons to report to their service?
  8. forrie

    Adjunct SpamCop Reporting Tools

    What I did, for the Habul XPI, was to unzip it and edit the install.rdf file, to increment the MaxVersion number for Thunderbird. In this case I just increased it to 68.* or something so it would last. The code itself seems very elementary, though I'm not an XUL programmer. I can't imagine it would be difficult for an experienced programmer to fix it up for current TB builds. That having been said, I'd also be in favor of an external tool that only needs access to the IMAP folder itself, though admittedly it might be more time consuming -- but the reporting is what I want. If I have to go around and avoid addons because of API changes, fine.
  9. For quite some time, I've been using a version-altered addon for Thunderbird, based on Habul, to quick submit my spam reporting. Unfortunately, recent changes in Thunderbird have made this difficult, so I downgraded to maintain the functionality. My question is are there other tools or addons out there, even with different approaches, that I could continue to use or that may not depend on the individual MUA? I don't necessarily want to automate the reporting as I do review my spam folder to ensure nothing gets mistaken. Thanks.
  10. forrie

    SpamCop and Thunderbord plug in

    This project has been deleted by the author, legolas558. Presumably he doesn't have time to maintain it -- I have the code downloaded (the XPI) if someone wants to take it over. I think it needs a few adjustments to work with TB 60+ and remove a service or two that no longer operates.
  11. forrie

    Google blocking Spamcop Reports?

    That was my thinking, too. But even the responses to this thread are going into my spam box, despite my moving them to normal mail each time. What I don't understand is why they would ever have a problem with Spamcop to begin with, I don't see any point of conflict.
  12. forrie

    Google blocking Spamcop Reports?

    I got a response from Google, unfortunately I deleted the rejection messages. But mysteriously, a normal spam report worked today -- I have changed nothing. Hm. I will keep an eye on it and update this thread shortly. I get enough spam that if there is a bug somewhere on their side, I'm apt to trip it again.
  13. I recently moved a domain to Google Apps. But, as I've sent a report through the Habul plugin (for thunderbird), I am getting blocked reports from Gmail (either gmail.com or my hosted email on Google), that look like this below. Can someone let me know if this is a general problem, as I did search the forums and didn't find anything. But it seems odd they would do this, unless I'm missing something. Thanks. Message blocked Your message to submit.[omitted]@spam.spamcop.net has been blocked. See technical details below for more information. LEARN MORE
  14. forrie

    Submitting from Google's GMail

    I don't foresee myself doing the above for the multiples of spam messages my domain receives. Not realistic. Since I moved my domain to Gmail/Google Apps recently, perhaps an alternative method here is to load up a local IMAP client (ie: Mutt) with a macro, then connect to the Gmail/spam mailbox that way. But the above just isn't realistic for those who receive a lot of spam.
  15. forrie

    Forwarding Spam with Gmail

    Link to this FAQ item? I looked through the FAQ and I can't locate this.