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  1. Well, thanks for everything, really apreciate your help. really really hanks for all...
  2. sorry, im new, how is it?. what does mean (See Q/A 36 & 41 in particular)? especially appreciate your help... I dont know what to do...
  3. Hello, Please remove my ip from your spam blacklist since a final user make a mistake in their computer, we proceed to solve the problem reinstalling properly and cleaning well the machine before used again. besides, we manage to increase security on the server and make the appropiate changes and the problem has been solve. So, please procede to remove it. Also here is the information of apews.org in case you need it to do it. APEWS.ORG Databasetest Testresults Oooops is currently listed in APEWS :-( Entry matching your Query: E-351365 C-1404 IP allocations to providers with a bad reputationHistory: Entry created 2008-05-29