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  1. Hello guys I am having the same problem emails sent to my account in spamcop never get to the inbox. my username is omg4web can any one help?
  2. hello guys. I am not sure how to get support for this. My account username is omg4web. All the email sent to my omg4web account since last night has not shown up in my inbox. I sent test messages from gmail, yahoo and work and non of them come up in my spamcop inbox. How can I get help for this? THanks.
  3. jcharth

    loop back email disapears.

    Thanks Gmail worked ok but I had so much spam after a while it cached up. So far spam filtering has been good except for the fact that my loop messages disappear. I also tried bopspam.co.uk. That one was ok but not as accurated as spamcop.
  4. Hello Guys I set up email forwarding on both ends to test the spam filter and my emails disapear. I sent an email to joe[at]mydomain which is forward to myemail[at]spamcop.net which forwards it back to joe2[at]mydomain My server log show that the email was sent Feb 12 14:38:38 myserver sendmail[31267]: s1CJbpwX031266: to=myemailatspamcop[at]spamcop.net , ctladdr=<nobody[at]myserver> (99/99), delay=00:00:47, xdelay=00:00:47, mailer=esmt p, pri=32053, relay=mx2.spamcop.net. [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (ok 13 92233917 qp 5349) I replaced myserver with the real server names but the log looks like above. Any ideas?
  5. Hello I read on your website that your spam filter can be setup to retrieve email from a pop3 account or that it can be set up with forwarding. Is there a 30 day trial for it? I would like to set it up for 15 users. Also would each user have to pay individual or can it be set up for a yearly plan.