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    Mail Not Coming Through

    No email since 09:14 UK time. I now route it via Gmail as well and can see it queueing there since 09:42. Great, not.
  2. SteveL-V

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    Yep, me too, from the other side of the pond. "Still working on the failure" on Twitter 58m ago, 13h after the previous report of "Investigating mail outage".
  3. [at]Cesmail_status have responded to my tweet to say they have responded to me by email . . . I am not receiving email except the odd one, very occasionally. Arrgghh!
  4. Not here, it ain't (UK). Nothing received since 1900GMT yesterday. Have sent a problem report and got an instant acknowledgement (via gmail). Also bleated on their Twitter feed. Steve