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  1. Well my greatest fears are being realized. Both my wife and I have spamcop accounts. Forwarding was set up and is working. Any email from me to my wife using my gmail account looks like it is being blocked by Cisco ironport. The email gets received on the unfiltered email account, gets forwarded, but never makes it to the spamcop forwarded account. And no way to add a safe sender. And yet some spam is still making it through. Disappointed.
  2. Willing to bet the IMAP and POP servers are gone since migration has happens. Webmail is probably it until 10/2.
  3. Yes I just did a quick test and see the ironport testing in the headers.
  4. Well folks it's been a fun ride. Life will be weird without my spamcop email. I have moved to fastmail and backed up with mailstore to be safe. I guess all good things must come to an end, even all of us. Except for the last 6 months our so, service has been stellar. It's a shame it came to this. Take care fellow Cesmail users, an era is about to end. Last person out please shut down the servers! Ken
  5. I have been seeing similar issues. Spamcop use to block close to all my spam. Now it's in the 20% range. I have all the lists checked, and have spam assassin set to 3. This use to work very well, now it does not anymore. With the recent downtime and now the lack of effective spam blocking, I am starting to think it is time to move on. I use to highly recommend this service because it blocked spam so well. But it is not anymore. And I can report spam until my fingers are blue and it does not help. I also use blacklisting and a whitelisting. But like hasbeen said, my settings are fairly dormant and the effectiveness has gotten sucky the last half a year so . Not sure what to do other then move on. Either the spammers have figuredd out how to get around spamcop, or the various lists are not being updated anymore.
  6. So this reeks of another single point of failure. What the hell kind of shoddy operation is cesmail, that they continue to have single points of failures that require 24 hour plus outages. Why does Cisco put up with this since it makes them look like a shady operation?
  7. It is ashame since Cesmail with spamcop used to run like a well oiled machine. If you go to the webmail logon, there is no news at all, you have to dig to find there is a problem. I can provision a new VM in minutes and a new hardware server in about an hour. Why does it take CESMail 12 to 24 hours to do this? Alas, the time has come to call it quits.
  8. It really bothers me that this has been going on for 24 plus hours and Cesmail does not even but an announcement up. Guess they went fishing.
  9. I have multiple accounts. Some are working, some are not. I submitted a support ticket but I bet it is not dealt with until Monday. I have been with spamcop or Cesmail for over ten years. But this is the third 24 hour plus outage in two months. This broke the camels back. No acknowledgement of any problem. Absolutely horrible service.
  10. I have multiple accounts. One is not popping. I submitted a support ticket but doubt it will get looked at until Monday. So it's just not you. This service has turned into an unreliable piece of garbage. Is anyone awake at CESMail? And my account is the same. No popping since 8am Friday.
  11. CESMail/spamcop, you owe it to the users to explain the massive amount of outages over the last couple months. You can't leave the customers in the dark. Why has the service been so unreliable? Most servers should be shooting toward 3 or 4 9s and I don't believe you even have 1 9. What is going on?
  12. Oh I understand that. I report the emails. And according to SPAMCOP each and every spam has a different point of origin. So the spammer is moving around to avoid detection. I am just plain tired of getting 50 of these a day. And while the reporting stops it at one location, it just picks up somewhere else. For now my method is filtering and I realize that will change.
  13. I am getting a ton of spam from misc addresses that end in me.UK. Not sure why this is not being blocked. The info before it is always different. Since it shows in the return path if I just blacklist me.UK should that stop it?
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