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  1. This morning I received an e-mail which appears to be from SpamCop/CESMail indicating that the webmail/e-mail service is being retired. However, there aren't any notices at all on the website indicating this, and I don't see any other posts/announcements about it on the forums here either, so I'm suspecting it's a fake/hoax. the text is as follows: While the mail itself is certainly much better-formed than the usual blatantly-obvious phishing/scam/hoax nonsense which I occasionally get in my e-mail, something just doesn't really quite feel right (mainly the fact that this is completely out-of-the-Blue, with no other notices/announcements anywhere, and the fact that it just turned up on a weekend....). I'm extremely apprehensive about in sending any "questions" to the e-mail address supplied in the e-mail, because I suspect it's just another phishing attempt or attempt to compromise SpamCop and/or its users. (although I do indeed have several burning questions if this isn't a fake!). Has anybody else received one of these e-mails? If its a fake, then I expect CESMail want to look into this. And on the off-chance that this isn't a fake, does anyone know what happens to those of us who are paid up beyond September 30th? (I renewed my webmail account sometime in mid-June) Thanks Ben