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  1. Fair point and I do already do that sort of thing before reporting, however I am more frequently dealing with spam caught by the MTA prior to delivery to a mail spool and clients. Once submitted to SpamCop I often have other demands on my time before I can get round to processing them via the web interface.
  2. I support this request too. Sometimes I can't spare time for a few days to process submitted requests and, if there are tens or hundreds then its easiest just to clear them all and start afresh than click through expired requests to get to the "live" ones at the end. Processing the newest first and deleting the stale ones would be simpler but, more importantly, it would improve the overall performance of SpamCop. Enabling this feature would mean that the "Yum, this spam is fresh" would get processed first and therefore more likely to impact on current active spam sites.
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