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  1. I've been using gezgin[at]spamcop.net as my email address since 1999 so it's worked its way into all sorts of places. One of those places is my logon address for Windows 8 systems. When I changed that address recently, one of my computers kept refusing to recognize the new one: it always tried to log on with the SpamCop address, failed, and I had to manually enter the new address and password. This weekend I had time to figure out what the problem is. There are two keys in the registry under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]. They are cunningly (!) called "LastUsedUsername" and "DefaulUserName". (Question to Forum administrator: Why did I have to type all of that in manually? Why couldn't I paste it with control-V?) Check these two keys. If your old logon address is still there, change it to the new one. The usual warnings about Registry editing apply. I've done this and the offending machine is now automatically logging on to Windows 8 like the others. (Note: This is a pretty "techy/geeky" subject for the Lounge perhaps but posting here ensures the widest dissemination.) -- Bob
  2. I just discovered that there are four spamcop newsgroups on the Giganews server at news-europe.giganews.com: spamcop.deputies spamcop.geeks spamcop.help spamcop.social spamcop.spam The most recent posts are generally from or before 2010 though there seems to be at least one from me that's more recent than that (besides the one I just posted a little while ago). Since the plug was indeed pulled on the Spamcop newsgroup server this weekend, die-hard newsgroupers might want to consider these. Bob, a die-hard newsgrouper www.kanyak.com
  3. gezgin

    My Forwarding Solution

    The problem, as Spamnophobic pointed out, is that the message may get bounced to innocent bystanders and suchlike. I can't have that.
  4. gezgin

    My Forwarding Solution

    You raise a very good point that I hadn't considered. Thank you for that. I clearly need to rethink this. I have advised all of my active clients that my address has changed and they are all using the new one. Normally I wouldn't care what goes to gezgin at spamcop dot net any longer. (Indeed one option is not to provide a forwarding address at all and just let it die.) The problem is that I've been using that address for something like eleven years and there are many inactive clients with whom I haven't corresponded in a long time. Those are the ones I was hoping my "Vacation" solution would help. But as you pointed out, it poses serious risks. Back to the drawing board, I guess. -- Bob
  5. As the mail train called “1 October 2014†bears down on us all, I’ve had an “Aha!†moment about forwarding from my SpamCop addresses. My particular problem is that I currently have SpamCop hold all mail that’s not from addresses in my White List: everything (and there’s quite a bit of it) not already whitelisted gets held so I can report or (rarely any more) whitelist it as need be. After 30 September there’s not going to be a Held folder or a White List, which to me means that a lot of junk that’s currently being caught is going to get passed on to the new forwarding address that I provide. (I may be wrong about this but I suspect not.) My solution, which I’ve just implemented, is to create a brand-new Gmail account. All messages sent to my SpamCop addresses will be forwarded to this address, which will not be used for anything else. Now here’s the Aha!: In the settings for that account, I’ve turned on “Vacation response†and I’ve created a message that (1) tells people that my email address has changed and (2) gives my new email address in a form that is human-readable only. I’ve tried this out sending messages to the one SpamCop address that I’ve already turned forwarding on for and it works perfectly. YMMV -- Bob
  6. gezgin

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    About 50-100 emails/day are currently being caught in my "Held" folder. Does the above statement mean that the Cisco Reputation system is NOT going to forward them? -- Bob