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  1. I'm the admin for 1200 domains, plus 300 websites. You have no idea the amount of spam I get. All told, they come in at the rate of about 10 a minute during the day, and double that at niight. Some nights, they come in 50 a minute.
  2. I just logged in and tried to check my held email and got: Cannot connect to imap server: Connection refused so now what?
  3. Let me ask you a question: If your car's "check engine" light came on w/in 6 months of your purchasing a new car, and you take it back to the dealer, do you expect the dealer to say "Well did you read the service manual and search our database for possible reasons why the check engine light comes on?" I'm glad it's funny to you. But I pay for this service, and renew every year. I expect to be treated like a valuable customer, not talked down to.
  4. Well the first url was no help at all. Yes, it was pretty close to the same problem, but offered no solution. The 2nd one (quoted above) had some additional info: I did not receive any email explaining the situation. And i'm not a free user, I'm a paying customer. I'm not exactly sure what "rule" I broke, but I'm not aware of any, that's for sure. So who do I contact to find out why? Really this is no way to run a business.
  5. What is going on here? I just logged in and it said my account was disabled. You have no phone number on your site to call and almost no other way to contact you other than this forum? How professional is that? spam is already hell. But you are making my life worse, not better.
  6. I have an paying account here at spamcop. I log in and check my held email. I find those that are sent to me. I have many website I'm admin for and I just have all those go to my spamcop address. But when I report the spam, you send a report to my host saying I'm spamming for reporting the spam that was sent to me! This is getting very tiresome and annoying. Not only do I get the spam, but I pay spamcop to help manage my spam, but then on top of all that Spamcop is sending reports to my host which then gets me in trouble with them. All because I had the audacity to report spam sent to me!
  7. I whole reason I pay spamcop to handle the spam is so I don't have to d/l the crap.
  8. On the login page you have this link: "Ironport press releases concerning current legal action", but I can't find a PR that matches that subject.
  9. When I check my held mail there are usually thousands of them there. Can you set it so it shows 500 or so at a time? The only time I really need to chk those is when I have an email sent to me that I'm expecting and don't get it because it get's flagged as spam. But since it's recent, I have to wade thru several weeks worth of held spam to find it. To be able to delete 500 or so at a time would make this job much easier. Also, for a spam filter, since these morons keep using stupid tricks to get their spams past keyword filters, have you ever considered running a spell check filter? Any email with more than 10-20% misspellings gets flagged as spam? And maybe let us set that threshold. Thanks for a system that works pretty well. About 80% for me.
  10. My "held mail" ends up being in the thousands. How can I delete these faster than just 100 at a time? thx
  11. I have notifications come in from my credit card processor. I have checked the box and said "forward and whitelist" but they keep being held.