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  1. Hello, just received one spam email into my Gmail inbox (not spambox) and when looking its source code, i cant find message, it has huge "X-HM-spam-Status:" Source code: https://defuse.ca/b/ZpOVCcMz This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --Mark=_634250613171253082044 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="Mark=_634250613171253014190" --Mark=_634250613171253014190 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 is it OK to report such message or should i decode that somehow?
  2. Hello, i received spam and spamcop after submission of headers (i did it many times before and most often succeeded) told me "No source IP address found, cannot proceed." the email might been sent to my gmail mailbox 1 and then forwarded to my other gmail account, this cant be the cause why spamcop cant see source IP?
  3. Hello, just want to get rid of spam (in my case casino, trading, and similar sh**s) i found spamcop to be good in reporting spam to ISPs and also found Knujon which im doubt it have any effect. What are next options to shut deown spammers servers? Adding spammers IPs to spamhaus blocklist dont help much. their emails still comming to spam box wasting my time finding valid emails amongst them. so any other services that can help suspend spamming IPs except directly contacting IP provider (taking like 10 minutes of time to me and is terribly anoying?
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