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    Forwards not working

    I had one test email forwarded this morning 12 hours after I sent it. A second one I did isn't seen yet.
  2. rdb

    Forwards not working

    I've received a few emails from forwarding tonight, but from the headers they are going to an all lowercase version of my email. Actually what's more interesting is they have all been "Topic Subscription Reply Notification"s from this forum which happens to be sent from news[at]news.cesmail.net. So to me right now it appears the only mail being forwarded to me are from cesmail.net itself.
  3. rdb

    Migration Software?

    This has been a very useful thread for the current events. Thanks everyone who has added to it.
  4. rdb

    Forwards not working

    I've been getting some forwards (SOME!) trickling in. They appear to be delayed about 4 hours. I also sent some testing emails to make sure my emails weren't being dropped and while they haven't bounced yet, they also have not been forwarded. But this was less than 4 hours ago as well. I'm still doing better than I was yesterday since it seems that the forwarding is at least setup for me now.
  5. I've tried that as well. It has issues also. Right now there is NO way to set a forwarding email address if you never had one set. Read this Post.
  6. rdb

    System Migration

    I tried the "New Tab" == Preferences -> "Change Email address or name" route and it sends a confirmation email to your Spamcop.net email address. Since those are being dropped you don't get it. So you can't set mail forwarding via this route anymore if you didn't have it setup already.
  7. rdb

    System Migration

    IMAP is down for me as well. Looks like I have "password" issues also but webmail login still works.
  8. No, the message says "Sending confirmation to MY-EMAIL[at]spamcop.net". That means I'll never get it so this is a dead end too at this point. I think the "new tab" they referred to maybe hasn't been implemented yet. But it's about 5pm now so others like me are just screwed at this point and all of our mail is being dropped. So because Cisco closed 3 hours early, I've lost thousands of emails and get to spend the rest of my evening resetting every service I've ever subscribed to. Thanks!
  9. The field is gone for me as well. I tried 3 different browsers on 2 computers and it's not there. No current address set.
  10. I've just gone to do this. When you set a forwarding address there. It says: "Confirmation email has been sent. Please check your mail to complete confirmation. You must retrieve this confirmation email and respond to it for your account to be activated." But we can't receive any new mail at the old address so how can we confirm the mail forwarding address?
  11. rdb

    System Migration

    The previous notice said we had until 5 PM Eastern. I've been trying since 3 PM to set a forwarding email but the form is no longer there on the webmail tools page. No box, no submit button. I'm at a loss. http://i.imgur.com/wYrkT5E.png I know I'm a bit close to deadline but I'm EXTREMELY disappointed right now. Can I do anything at this point?