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    Spamcop Alternatives?

    I've ended up going for a combination of thunderbird (for access from my PC) & gmail (for the new account and also webmail, mostly because I'm an Android guy and the integration with my phone is therefore good). I've updated my various domains to forward to gmail, and moved my spamcop inbox (POPing) & sent-items (via IMAP) across. It took an afternoon. GMail isn't as flexible with multiple domains / user names as I wanted, but it does seem to cope with 5000-odd emails in my inbox without even blinking. The main issue is my ISP which does not do email forwarding(!!?!), only POPing & IMAP. This means that there is up to an hour lag before my email is retrieved (unlike spamcop which had a reasonable polling rate).
  2. mikemars

    Spamcop Alternatives?

    Well, it sounds (to me at least) like they're winding down the spamcop email side of their CESmail business at least (although maybe not their corporate side). This is all a bit depressing - been using the spamcop email since roughly 2000 (give or take, I forget the exact year). This is my email setup --- * Various domains forwarded to my ISP * My ISP has a unique subdomain for each user, so email is of the form <xxxxx>[at]myuserid.myisp.net Therefore I have a LOT of unique email addresses (I register on every site with a different email) * Spamcop email then POPs my ISP email. I read & write emails from spamcop webmail. Some email gets sent direct to spamcop (although a minority). I used to archive email to my PC every year or so but haven't for a long while (so now I have 5 years of email online). So I really need to find two things. Firstly a domain-friendly webmail service (ideally one which can auto-create folders based on the TO: email address, hence categorising them by each registered website), and secondly a new email client for my PC which I can use to download & archive the emails (preferably including the sent mail). I heard 'thunderbird' client mentioned in one of the threads, is it any good?
  3. mikemars

    Email account expired; NO warning

    Now I wish I hadn't found the renewal link ... 1 year subscription for 4 months of service.
  4. mikemars

    Email account expired; NO warning

    My diary tells me that I should be renewing about now, since it was roughly this time for the last 2 years that I renewed, but I haven't seen a renewal email either. -- Edit: If it helps anybody, I found the renewal link via google: mail.spamcop.net/account_renew.php Done the renewal, the page says it was due on the 26th, so not sure why I didn't get a reminder email (the #2 post above says it should have arrived a couple of weeks ago)? Is it just one email, or a series of them?
  5. I've been using it for a similar time also (somewhere between 1999 & 2001 I think), it's mostly been trouble-free. This is the longest outage I can recall.
  6. 5 hours for me, but still a few older emails coming through as well.
  7. I am now down to 7 hours behind, which is a steady improvement over 20-odd hours yesterday.
  8. If it's a 550 bounce then it isn't a simple 'joe-job' reply-address spoof. IMHO that indicates that the spams are genuinely being sent from the spamcop email server (but probably not from your account).
  9. I haven't had any in the last 23 hours. So an outtage of nearly a day for me. Fingers crossed that Jeff finds the problem :-)
  10. I'm also missing both POP-ed inbound mail via my ISP & also direct incoming email to spamcop.net. I watched it being recieved in my ISP's webmail, it disappeared after 10 minutes or so as you would expect (so spamcop is successfully POPing it), but it never appeared in my inbox. Also checked held folder & greylist, nothing there either. I would guess that it is stuck somewhere inside the spamcop systems. Ditto with a test email sent directly to my spamcop account - it seems to be sent OK from the other side but isn't arriving.
  11. mikemars

    Webmail issue

    I couldn't see anything relevant there apart from the 'contact us' link... so I have sent the query via that. -Cheers, Mike
  12. mikemars

    Webmail issue

    I've been getting the same message myself over the last few weeks.
  13. Hi, Many thanks for both pointers, I've located the relevent FAQ entries, and emailed both deputies and my postmaster at work with tracking id etc. -Cheers, Mike
  14. Hi, I managed to report one of my own emails as spam, any way to revoke the report? http://mailsc.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gett...rtid=1938018055
  15. Hi, I've had the same problem with FreeServe, complete lack of comprehension of the problem from their support staff. No resolution as yet, I haven't got any current customers who use freeserve so I've given up trying to sort it out. Perhaps getting the freeserve customer themselves to raise the query may help (although I doubt it). -Mike