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    Keep getting hacked please read

    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I think I have problem under control. I've set up every email account to text me if anyone tries to get or change my password. I monitor my recent log in activity and beings I recieve email on my cell phone it monitors and records the activity that goes on in my email accounts. Theres software thats buried in your cell phone that records just about everything and if you know how to access it, it can give you the information your looking for. Im not talking about jail breaking or getting on someone elses cell phone and gettting their data I only monitor my accounts. Someone was actually on my gmail account using goggle maps to find resturants in a part of town I never go to, had I not known where to find that information on my cell phone I would have never known. The one thing I coudnt get is the date they were on my account. I went to my gmail account and looked in the history and there were the links they used with the dates. I hovered my cursur over the link and a yellow box popped up and within that box were the longitudes and latitudes of where they were at, at that specific date and time. Im not done with these hackers yet, I'll find out who they are and when I do they'll have to answer to the police. Thanks again
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    Keep getting hacked please read

    Thank you turetzsr, right after I clicked on the "post" link it dawned on me I may have posted in the wrong forum. I was just looking at my recent log in activity on my hotmail account and in 2 days 5 different people have tried to gain access to that account. 4 from South America and one from Viet Nam. Ive had my AOL account for so long its part of me and I've been having a hard time closing that account but they don't post your recent log in activity so either I just stop using it for awhile till whoever gets tired of trying to get into my email or I just delete the account and be done with it. I contacted my ISP and they were extremely helpful, they gave me all the ip addresses I used for the last 3 months of 2013. I have been so through that the email that was saved on my computer Im cross referencing the email with the ip address to see which emails I actually sent. AOL gave me an ip address back in May of 2014 with the suffix ending in myvzw.com which is a Verizon account it couldn't have been me because I had T-Mobile up until just recently. I sent the ip addresses on the day the person was accessing my email account with their verizon cell phone to my attorney she's going to get a subpoena because we know its someone local hopefully they'll get arrested for identity theft and whatever other laws they broke. If they can be criminally prosecuted Im going to look into going after them with a civil suit. I just want this to stop but I don't know how to make it without creating more and more email addresses.
  3. I have 4 different email accounts and for the past year everyone of them has been hacked into. Someone hacked into a hotmail account that I had but hadn't used in years and actually sent me and 4 other people an email and he was still using my real name. After going round and round with Microsoft I finally provided them with the correct information to prove that particular email account belonged to me. When I log into the hotmail account and check the recent log in activity theres like 5 different people from South America trying to get into that hotmail account On September 20 I woke up and as usual grabbed a cup of coffee and logged into my AOL account. I've had that account for 10 years and have never had a problem with it but on that particular day someone hacked their way inside my account and deleted EVERYTHING. They completely cleaned out 10 years of email. Back in April someone hacked into my Yahoo account and deleted 8 months worth of email. I have seen email being sent from me to me but I never sent it. These SOBS are even sending email from me to me but their sending it as a BCC. What sense does that make? AOL has an instant messaging program called AIM, someone was actually using my AOL account to connect to my Yahoo account. I have replaced my pc with an iMac, replaced my iPhone, formatted the hard drive on the newly purchased iMac and formatted the iPhone several times but nothing stops them. I've gone to the police and they said they'd look into it but that was 6 months ago. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can put a stop to this? Im pretty good when it comes to working on computers but this has got me stumped. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Tugg