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  1. I think i won't convince you and you won't convince me... well i hope you will find better way to stop spam. bye
  2. Not only spam passes through the offending machine.
  3. Sorry for my english mistake... i repeat that blocking an entire isp, in most cases, could cause more damages than spamming and you can't deny that. You've never miss an email...well, you're lucky. I couldn't send 3 important e-mails in only 24 hours. I know that most users are not employees of spamcop...anyway i think i'm not offending anyone. I also think that this doesn't make any difference.
  4. How do you know that tin.it is not doing anything to stop spam? maybe is not so easy... if it was there would not be spammers anymore... do you know an ISP that stopped any kind of spam because of costumers complaints? I don't deny the problem, but i don't agree with the remedy you propose. i think it sometimes could be more harmful than spamming itself. Spamcop is free? well, it is unuseful and you don't even make money from that, I'm sorry (just joking) p.s how do you recieve your list of ip's to be blocked? Do your costumers send it to you or what?
  5. this is even more demagogic... i didn't complain to tin.it cos don't care of the spamming i recieve: it doesn't bother me. i just delete the spam. tin.it offers also a filter against spam and it works quite well, filtering about 80% of spamming i recieve. if i will receive a lot of spam be sure that i will complain to them. but spamcop have nothing to do with it... You know that it is not only a tin.it fault. every isp have users who are spammers. and the bigger is the isp is the more spam is sent. i complain to spamcop because i recieved a damage from it, not from tin.it spamcop is not robin hood...their owners sell a service and thay make money with that, so don't blame tin.it for making money
  6. i don't work for any ISP, but i don't think it is so easy... I think that also every isp have damages because of spamming. Your words are quite demagogic. I know you have to promote and support this service, but you can't cut the entire arm if you have a broken nail...
  7. if you have 600 mail of spamming every day it's possible that you have given your address quite easily... you will save 20 minutes (remember that also outllook gives you filters...) but if you lose an importat mail you may lose a lot of money 48 hours is not temporarily... in 48 hours i can send a traditional letter. e-mails are important because they are fast... i understand that this service exists because there are people who wants and pays for it...nothing personal but i do hope that they soon understand that it is unuseful and crazy
  8. I agree with what you said, i'm tired of spamming too. But blocking an entire isp because of some spamming seems crazy to me. I mean, your costumers may not recieve important mails because of a single spammer. consider my situation: i have to communicate an urgent message to a friend. I don't have his telephone number but only his email adress. what shall i do? do i have to open another mail account and connect to internet with another isp only for one urgent mail? maybe tomorrow the new isp will be blocked and i'll have to do the same thing again and again... i prefer to receive a mail with spamming anda easily delete it rather than missing some important infos...
  9. i've added some lines on my previous message while you were answering to it. my isp is tin.it, but the ip address is one of telecom italia, alice adsl, which is another kind of provider. it could be that they use the same servers, but what about my questions above? who decide who is a spammer? if a use your service i'm virtually able to block an isp anytime i want p.s. sorry, by mistake i've opened a new topic instead of answering to that one
  10. i've added some lines on my previous message while you were answering to it. my isp is tin.it, but the ip address is one of telecom italia, alice adsl, which is another kind of provider.
  11. well...the problem is that the ip address was not of my ISP I have another question. You said that Spamcop blocks every mail that is sent through an isp which "allows" spamming. Do you know that my isp is the italian one which has the largest amount of users? This means that if a spammer uses my isp to send mails, all the other millions of mails coming form this isp will be blocked? It seems quite stupid to me, doesn't it?
  12. Well, i've forgotten another important thing. I had a look in your site to a list of mailS that i was supposed to have sent and caused my adress to be blocked. I'VE NEVER SENT THOSE E-MAILS AND I DON'T HAVE ANY VISRUS IN MY PC! How can you block an adress without being sure that those mails had been sent and without controlling that the ip is correct?
  13. I just tried to send an e-mail to a friend and got back this mail from you: - These recipients of your message have been processed by the mail server: acastiglioni[at]omegacenter.it; Failed; 5.1.3 (bad destination mailbox address syntax) Remote MTA mx2.interac.it: SMTP diagnostic: 553 Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? First: it's not the first time it happens: even two days ago i recieved similar e-mail from you second: the ip adress is not mine! third: the person who had to recieve my mail has not put my adress in any sort of blacklist of spammers or something similar fourth: i'm not a spammer, but only a webmaster who, like millions of webmasters, owns a site and hae to send some e-mails every day. I don't know who you are and what you exaclty do. Maybe this site is only a way to collect a large amount of e-mail adresses...i don't know. I only know that you don't have the right to block my private email. It could happen that somebody's gave you my adress in order to block it, but maybe you don't know that in internet there are things called viruses that changes the address of poeple who sends email into an existing one. So, please, unlock my account. Maybe in USA this is legal...but not in Italy!
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