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  1. I use company specific email addresses and started getting spam to lots of different mailboxes, I realised they couldn't all have simultaneously sold my addresses and after several weeks of digging I realised that the spammed address were all being picked up with imap, none of the pop3 addresses were spammed so somehow they were able to probe for imap traffic.?? (all the addresses were enabled for imap and pop3 at the server, its how they picked up at the client end)
  2. I haven't had anything pointing to them for a long time but there is the point of view that "malicious spam" could take a website down, what I mean is that if you wanted to cause damage you could send spam on behalf of microsoft and eventually they would have to hunt you down and kill you. As an example one of the most common things that are found in a spam are "urn schemas" which identify the layout of the spam html but although the location of that document is completely innocent it shows up as a website link. I do agree that hosters should look at an accusation of spamming but its up to them if they kill a website as they could be sued for breach of contract. I know it sounds spammer friendly but innocent bystanders need protection.
  3. Its a bit suspiciously quiet for me, It feels a bit like someone has been running a chainsaw nearby and all day and then suddenly stopped. I wonder if the data from aggregated spamcop reports could identify which spamcop users are on which spam lists and if there's any common features of the list/source information
  4. you probably want this http://www.rexswain.com/httpview.html just copy and paste the link you want to check.
  5. As an added note I believe that "mail delivery failed" is no longer a desired response from mail servers as the spammers were using it as a "backsplatter" technique by sending spam to a known nonexistent address on an obliging server but with the intended recipients as the the senders people would get the failed as though it was from themselves. (that felt a bit like mental gymnastics)
  6. The hosting I've got has a ridiculous number of mailboxes as part of the package and depending on how often I'm thinking I'll need to communicate with some person/business I will either. 1 create a mailbox and add it into my mail client (thunderbird). 2 Create a mailbox with a forward to a general account and use webmail for replies. 3 Use a domain that hasn't been spam flooded and can be used with a catch all (*@adomain.tld). 4 create a subdomain with a catch all and at the first sign of spam delete it.(acompany@subdomain.domain.tld) I have no Idea whether the sender receives a bounce or not but I don't care as usually the sender or reply to is a fake anyway, A person I want to communicate with I will notify of alternatives from a different address. I had an account that I was using with imap and a catch all - somehow the spammers hoovered up all the addresses that I'd sent or received for that domain so I had to turn off the catch all and delete the mailboxes then notify the people I still wanted to communicate with of a new address. Hopefully that covers it - except the one about the spammers picking up my spamcop submit address so when they do a run of spam I get a load of error reports because they're actually sending spam direct to my reporting address (please spamcop put a link in the error report for me to say it was spam and process it).
  7. I have lots of domains and when I deal with any organisation/person I create a mailbox specifically for them (Anothercompany@adomain.com) so when I get spammed I know where the leak is and I just delete the account and let them bounce. If I have to continue communicating with them I create another mailbox. I can say that that some people get really snotty when you can categorically say they got hacked (1and1 hosting...)
  8. What sort of content is in the spam?
  9. I could be wrong but what they don't want reports about is the "document type", in most web pages you have a statement saying what standard the page is supposed to adhere to and that statement can also say where there is something that defines that standard. Its not their fault a spammer pointed to it.
  10. This is just an add on to the reference to 1and1 - their mail servers have been hacked and all my addresses hoovered up. There is even spam being sent to my spamcop reporting address
  11. I have a domain that I use a lot for email with various companies, the address I give to each company is specific to each company so its like mybank[at]mydomain.com,myjobsite[at]mydomain.com myitsupplier[at]mydomain.com etc. I received 30+ spams (within 2 minutes) to addresses on that domain and the only place I can think of that would have those addresses in one place is the inbox. what puzzles me is why spam what is obviously a catch all inbox when you've already hacked into it to loot the addresses??
  12. I would like to join in proclaiming respect. Well done in the fight for right.
  13. I've just received a dozen emails from serverhub along the lines - ==================================================== This email concerns your recent ticket: [spamCop (http://clickhere.dedicatdd.com/rt/bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to the site! (1446) As part of our commitment to improving your customer support experience, we would like to know how you think we are doing. Please take a moment to complete a short survey consisting of just a few multiple-choice questions. ================================================== I was strongly tempted to report them as spam but I suspect it might be "report denial justification" technique.
  14. This may be an odd question but are your users addresses published or easily accessible on the web? If your users aren't sitting targets it may be worth using obscure addresses, if I get too much spam to a mailbox I inform the associated address book entries of a new address and shut the mailbox down. if they are sitting targets then maybe whitelisting on the basis of signing up on a webform before you will accept email from an unknown address, you could preload it from your users current address books and also collect from outgoing mail.
  15. Thanks to farelf for the helping hand - Strangely enough I tried forwarding godaddy's spam to abuse[at]godaddy.com and I haven't had any more of them. I'm so used to not contacting spammers directly it seemed a strange thing to do.
  16. [see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/12258-spammers-have-their-own-isp/ in "New Features" for the similar problem] I have a vaguely similar problem in that I am being spammed directly by godaddy and some of its subsidiaries. Also its to my domain contact addresses, there seems to no reporting mechanism through ICANN (you have to have a valid domain contact address but there's nothing to stop it being abused). I want to know if there's any reporting possible at the top domain registration body level (those who licence the registrars). I have tried contacting 1and1 (my registrar) but they are incapable of comprehending that a competitor is spamming their customers and tell me to turn on the spam filters. This my first post so ridicule is welcome.
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