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  1. Anytime-- feedback makes it all work. Still trying to forget how to load my computer by paper tape or cassette.. nightmares about it still
  2. Hmm, completely forgot about the flush bit... but tried the two links first -- first one didn't respond, second one did. Then, after a flush-- popped up good as usual. Thanks. Seems I've forgotten more than I used to know
  3. This isn't about spam, reporting spam, being hacked, or anything special- but I can no longer access spamcop.net. Forums.spamcop.net yes, but not spamcop itself (as in reporting spam). At first, my main browser - Firefox - failed to display the reporting page properly, so I switched over to Chrome, and just left it on and reported spam that I forwarded via email (using Mailwasher). Oddly, tonight, Chrome fails to locate spamcop.net. I ping'd and tracert'd sc.n with excellent results. So, I ran tests on my computer(s) (three of them) to check for malware, virus, etc., and all three came up clean. Checked my host file. My router's firewall. Each computer's firewall and Defender. I have no other programs (that I know of) that will block my browsers but not a ping/tracert. I plan on being in the big city of Port Angeles tomorrow, and can try a wifi spot with my laptop, but... Am I really hosed here? Thanks, Dave