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  1. Since this is "straight up" spam you can just use the 'blocked sender' feature or whatever your mail client calls it. (Personal blacklist in the former Spamcop email system). It will then cease to clutter your inbox and you can report it as you wish.

    Thanks. I could also just filter them to the trash, but I was kind of hoping I could get them stopped. I'm sure many people get spam from them. I guess that's why I've wasted time reporting to SC all this time. Thankfully they only email once a week or so.

  2. There are certain spammers that have continued to spam me throughout the years, even though I've reported every email to SC. I made the mistake of using my real email address when contacting car dealers about 8 years ago, and haven't been able to get them to stop emailing me since. Their unsubscribe link doesn't do anything. There are some other businesses doing this too.

    Is there anything additional I can do?

  3. Are you guys using the Basic or Full Featured version of yahoo mail? I haven't been able to forward a message as an attachment since they could off access to Yahoo Mail Classic around June of 2013. I used to be able to hold Ctrl and click forward. I've tried the Ctrl-Alt-F mentioned here (in both modes), but it doesn't do anything.

    I use the Basic version, so to forward email to spamcop, I have to switch to the Full version, view and copy the header, and paste it above the email I'm forwarding. Then switch back to Basic.

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