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  1. So I asked the people who host monique[at]monique.net and they replied: "since we cannot trace where your mail is there would be no way to know if the mail server received it or not. who are you using for out going mail? we do not have any way of tracing where mail comes and goes when leaving accounts." When I don't forward my email to Monique[at]Spamcop.net, I have no problems. When I send an email to Monique[at]Spamcop.net, I receive it. When I forward other emails to Monique[at]Spamcop.net, they work, but STILL when I forward Monique[at]Monique.net to Monique[at]Spamcop.net, no emails forward, they just get 'lost'. Any solutions other than finding another anti spam provider? Monique
  2. Thanks for your help, I will request a traffic flow report and see what comes of it! (No worries on the moving, I didn't specify anything per age.) Monique
  3. I have had spamcop for over a year (maybe even over two years) and haven't changed the settings. It is not looping and the settings are identical. All I have to do is type in my spamcop account in my regular email account to forward it to. Nothing fancy. I doubt it has anything to do with how I set up this account last year as it was working fine last night and several months prior and then this morning...nothing. I see that you moved my post from its original home, I will leave it to you to decide to move it back since I doubt it has anything to do with the setup. Monique
  4. I have several email accounts that are all hosted by Readyhosting and then forwarded to my spamcop email. I have not received any email today from one of those accounts, monique[at]monique.net. When I take the forward off, I get email in Readyhosting's web mail. Readyhosting says there is nothing wrong with the account. The other accounts seem to forward to spamcop fine, spam gets stuck in the held mail and the good stuff can be seen on my Web mail. So, two questions, how do I stop this from happening? and where is all the email that was sent earlier today? (Including the five test messages sent from random email address?) Monique (Feel free to email me at Monique___DELETE___[at]___DELETE___SingleParentTravel.net)
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