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  1. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the info, I will try them. So are you thinking also that the virus is using random first names on domains? I had only read that it forged the sender, but assumed it was pulling from addresses on the infected machine, but I just do not think there is any way my spamcop address is on that many machines! Regards, Thomas P.S. I am glad to see your rant on mailblocks and C/R systems in general. I work for a small internet-based company that has thousands of members, and the primary service we offer is email-based. These C/R systems are killing us, and we are having to spend a lot of time trying to create a complex workaround to the problem... :-(
  2. I very, very rarely send mail from my spamcop.net address. I mainly use it just for filtering my real address. However, someone that had my address on their system has been hit with MyDoom and I am inundated with responses from anti-virus filters telling me I am infected, and other sites simply returning mail bounces back to me. (I am actually more inclined to believe that the virus may have used my first name and just stuck it on the spamcop.net domain, because I am seeing these virus attempts originating from all over the world!) So... I need to change my address at spamcop. I don't see any way to do this or any way to contact someone who can. Does anyone have an idea of what to do? Thanks, Thomas