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  1. I'm sure a number of people are in chaos now that the webmail interface is entirely gone, and I am no exception. I changed my settings to forward to one of my five email accounts (different addresses, different purposes) but here is where I wasn't quite sure what then to do. I obviously have to connect directly to the particular low-spam address from my mail hosts since to receive Spamcop's filtered results, they need to go to an email address that I connect to directly, right? The cesmail address no longer works for that, right? I was afraid keeping it filtered with the other addresses would double mail emails since I would then get the original emails addressed to that account directly, and the filtered copies via Spamcop, see what I mean? Somehow though, I'm not receiving filtered email from ANY of my accounts. Do I need to connect them all directly, and receive spam and all just to turn around and report them? Without the old Held Mail, it's looking like yes. Please, a little guidance. I've only been getting my emails from the one address's direct connection and have to poll the email servers through Entourage to view the rest - again, spam and all. So I need to better understand how exactly it's SUPPOSED to work! (Also, I am getting a nag screen despite the fact that I am logged in! Thanks! --Doc.
  2. Hey, Petzl, I remember you from SC-Usenet boards! Thanks for the answer, however I wonder if you really meant MailWasher. I wonder this because I had a long conversation with Nick Bolton there, and he says it's just a select and delete function (at its most basic,) not reporting at all. He feels (probably correctly, alas,) that end user reporting was too error-prone to do. I'm still looking....SpamCop spoiled me! Thanks for the answer, DJ; it was spot-on as I am Mac-based, and is a good upvote for maintaining my SpamCop membership at some level. I will add, however, Nick at MailWasher tells me the cross-platform version (including Apple) is very, very near. Thanks! --Doc.
  3. OK, I've read all of the posts on the topic, but some seem not to deal with my desires (why should they?!) and others are just too technical for my end-user mind to contemplate, so I thought I'd just state my case and see if one of you wise souls might have some advice. I've been a Spamcop user/member for 14 years. When they introduced webmail I loved it. I could just check off spam I received and hit one button to report it via the webmail interface. With its filters in place, I could click "held mail," select all, carefully weed the few false positives out, and again, a one button submit. It's been so long since I've used direct submission (and I VERY rarely used submission via email) that I hardly remember doing it. For instance, am I able, and will I be able, to do a bulk spam report with all the spam attached to a single email submitted to Spamcop? What I really want is some enterprising webmail host to mimic Spamcop's webmail so I can single button-multiple choice select and report spam through it and have it make the Spamcop report from it. Sound pie in the sky to you? Sigh. Me too. What's the next best alternative that'll keep me from expending extra time or thought beyond simple reportage? I'd appreciate any guidance! Thanks! --Doc.
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