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  1. Thanks for the reassurance. I don't know if it's a coincidence but I've also been bombarded with viruses in the last day as well. Thanksfully none of this has had any effect except to raise my blood pressure a bit! Not only for my personal satisifaction but as a matter of principle I'd just like to do as much as I can to stem the tide. Which I why I report the suckers as often as I can. I just wish there was more I could do which would have a more permanent effect. From where I sit it seems spammers have won the battle. They're never going to win the war but I wonder how long it will take. Over the last year I have experienced numerous problems with my ISP and my email service (different company) directly due to spam. Not only have they bought down mail servers, lost my mail because the system couldn't cope, experienced long delivery times but also other networks often ban my mail and visa versa because of the problems. These are only temporary situations are they are always resolved within the day (expect for lost mail) but I just notice it seems to be on the increase. When I speaking to my ISP about blocking networks. They said they regularly block networks like AOL because of spam and they do the same back to us (this was how I found out about because AOL bounced my email). They were quite thrilled when I said I had hundreds of spams from an AOL source which was why I was trying to email them! Like they couldn't wait to block them again and just were waiting for an excuse! At the end of the day none of this really helps though. Mark
  2. I suppose it was bound to happen one day. Since making numerous spam reports a spammer has decided to take revenge. In the last 24 hours I've had literally thousands of bounced emails from all over the world. They seem to be going through all the well known networks using my domain as the sender. Usually with a garbage address. I had this in the past but only the odd one now and again. Not in this quantity! Given the fact that the sender address is easily faked and I've never known a spammer to use their own address. Will networks actually realise the situation or am I going to find my address is blocked from these networks? Is there anything I can do? Is there such a thing as a internet detective who'll track down this filth so I can prosecute them? I realise I'd have to pay them. The good news is that my new antispam setup is working a treat. Out of the thousands of bounced mails and spams only one bounce message actually made it through to my mailbox. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks, the more the better! I don't control my own mail server but I have just started using a email forwarding company which on top of the usual virus/spam checks allows users to set their own rules to accept/reject/mark/delete any mail. My previous service just had a spam filter which had a habit of occasionally removing legitimate email. So I turned it off and relied on my windows spam checker which had a better hit rate any way. With my new service I can setup white list to guarantee my regular contacts don't get binned. Some of the regex for blocking an IP range aren't small but I don't mind as long as it cuts down my spam bin to a manable size. In the past there have been so much spam it been difficult to spot something which is legitimate. Mark
  4. Sorry to hear it. At first, I too was under the impression SpamCop actually did more to stem the flood of spam. I'm sure there are a few networks who do take their reports seriously but the main benefit seems to be when you use their own filtered web mail service. The main reason I use them is for the help in locating the source of the spam and related addresses. On occasions, like to do with this particular brand of spam which I've been getting hundreds of each day, I have been making personal reports as well. All to no effect though. Are there oganisations in Korea who deal with spam on a national level? I know they took part in a global initiative (well 26 countries) called 'Secure Your Server' to stem the use of open relays for spamming. Apart from that there doesn't seem to be much happening the tackle the issue? Mark
  5. Thanks Chris, that was just what I was after. Mark
  6. Hmm, thanks Merlyn! As a matter of interest, what IP address ranges did you block? I think 99% of my spam is either from Korea or has links to sites in Korea. Is there a concise list of IPs ranges by country anywhere. The only ones I've seen go into too greater detail. Mark
  7. My domain has been getting hit by spam from a certain spammer who's operating from Korea. I'm talking hundreds each day. They definately all to do with the same individuals. I'm 100% sure of that. Using SpamCop over the last few weeks and even making personal spam complaints has made absolutlely no difference. They still continue to go through the dictionary with my domain. I read a few articles on the web that Korea is supposed to be taking a tough line on spam now. I've seen no evidence of this. Is there a better way of getting them to sort it out before I start putting pressure on my IP to get Korean domains blocked. Mark
  8. A PC which had my email address on it got infected with a trojan virus. I could tell where it came from because of the unique address I had used. The virus got sent out in some instances with my name as the sender (because it got bounced back to me). Before long I was getting regular bounces for spam as well which I hardly ever used to get. The domain bashing seems to have abated but I'm still getting a fair bit of regular spam. Around 125 per day at present. Most of which, likes Ray's, going by the content is from a few sources. In my case I've got those miracle pills, cable tv, debt elimination, mortgages (you're not the only licky one) when seem to come more or less every hour on the dot. It also seem that the originating network are concerned about spamming because any number of complaints don't have any affect. The worse is a particular network in China it seems. I'm thinking about moving to another email forwarding service which allows more control over the filtering - like blocking ranges of ip addresses which in my case would sort out half of the spam in one fell swoop. The spam detection type I find too risky because in the past I've lost legitimate emails - usually online purchase types. Quite often you don't know exactly where this is coming from and so can't setup a white list entry in advance. Mark
  9. I know what you mean but apart from family addresses I use it for passing unique addresses to third parties. On a number of occasions this has been useful although more with sourcing viruses than spam I must admit. Mark
  10. I always thought that spam was an acronym, hence the uppercase. Guess not? Thanks for your replies guys. Yes, I am considering the SpamCop Email system. I must look into it more. I don't know if the high volume of spam I've been getting of late would cause a problem. The day day I had over 1000! On a good day I get around 100. Problem is I'd want to keep the rejected emails to reclaim ones which have slipped through. Also, I wonder when I go away on holiday if keeping so many emails would be a problem. I have a very large email box at my current provider. I thing I like about my current system is that it's so easy to search through the rubbish to reclaim incorrectly identified emails. Mark
  11. In the past I wasn't so concerned about spam as my filtering software gets nearly 100% of it. However, recently a individual SPAMer has started hitting my personal domain (they all point to the same web site registered by someone in China). Trying to guess addresses within it. Consequently, filtering software or not it's becoming a real pain as it's bringing my system to a standstill at times and even crashing it on one occasion. I've had thousands in one day! When things get really desperate I can turn on the delete function at my ISP but I tend to loose some legitimate emails with this option. I tend to go for the filter at my end because if I loose an email I can scan the garbage if one goes missing. I'm not too sure how I should be reporting these emails. They come in groups with the same message but different recipient. Should I just be submitting one of each? I'm not even sure reporting is going to make any difference but I feel I have to try something. Thanks Mark
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