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  1. A bit over nine years with Spamcop/Cesmail for me and I agree. I wasn't looking for a reason to ditch Spamcop but I expect at least a non-canned "we are looking into that issue" or queries for clarification in response. I haven't asked for a refund, though I can see why one might. I decided to let my paid subscription run out, which also gives me a few months to catch some email address changes I missed. Some could argue about the specific timeframe (I only gave them two weeks of non-response before I gave up and found a new email provider) but I also took some additional steps to make a future transition easier when/if service deteriorates on the new provider.
  2. Remember it affects my (old) Android phone, too. From my reading, all that would be required would be for cesmail to contact support at their certificate vendor and have a certificate reissued with the full chain installed. I found a posting where someone did that and they (same vendor) did it for free and without question. Also remember that this was never a problem with the previous certificate, nor is it a problem with my new email provider or any other ssl connections I use. As for it being a flaw in Ubuntu and (old) Android, I have wondered if this is a "political" thing, as Ubuntu's founder made his fortune founding Thawte but it's probably just a random omission. I now believe that I could install the certificates on each of my systems (once I learn the exact procedure), but I've moved on so I probably won't bother. If anyone at cesmail had taken my issue seriously I could have done it. HOWEVER there have been enough ongoing service issues (with similar delayed responses) so I moved to a provider that (for now) is more focused on email. Plus I registered my own domain so I can just swap hosts when this happens again.
  3. I'm glad it's working for you! It fails in Thunderbird and also on Android K9 Mail here. According to my research it could be a problem with the installation of the certificate. Obviously with Thunderbird I could tell it to ignore the certificate. If that is an option on K9 I don't know how to do it. I'm not spending any more mental energy on it, however, as I was completely disappointed by the (lack of) response from my trouble reports -- not even any requests for clarification, and only one acknowledgement that they had even acted on it. Someone DID purchase and install a new certificate, and I appreciate that. But my new email host is working well, and ten years with spamcop / cesmail has probably been long enough. UPDATE 1: Actually I HOPE I'm wrong... having spent over a week going through ten years of transactions using my old address, at this point I'm not turning back. HOWEVER I would be chastened AND encouraged if it turns out the error is mine. I did save the certificate file in your message and if I get a few minutes today I will try to learn how to inspect it more carefully. (Most of my systems are Ubuntu but I have access to a Mac as well.) UPDATE 2: I just installed XCA and imported the certificate (above) into a test database, and it fails the test. "X509v3 Basic Constraints critical: CA:FALSE" Not that I know what that means, but it's consistent with my experience. UPDATE 3: I found http://serverfault.com/questions/391487/wh...usted-on-ubuntu which seems to indicate that the reason the cert fails in Ubuntu is because it doesn't have the Equifax Root CA installed. I read elsewhere that there are two ways cesmail could make it work -- they could get a reissued certificate with the chain installed, or they could install the chain. On my end maybe I could figure out how to install the Equifax Root CA. I have no idea if that's even POSSIBLE on my Android phone, though. Of course this wasn't a problem with the PREVIOUS cesmail certificate.... UPDATE 4: I tried using https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ and I couldn't directly get to the smtp server with that tool, but unfortunately mail.spamcop.net did not do well on its test -- it got a "C" rating (scored 52).
  4. I got a reply to my trouble report this morning (January 1st) at 8:22am CST: UPDATE: It's still not working as of 12:52pm... UPDATE 8:26pm 1/1/13: Still cannot send mail from Thunderbird or Android K9 Mail, although there IS a new certificate. I just looked at the new error I'm getting from Thunderbird, and Thunderbird doesn't approve of the certificate. ("Certificate is not trusted, because it hasn't been verified by a trusted authority using a secure signature.") UPDATE 8:40am 1/2/13: Reply from "spamcop support"* saying *Yes I know some make a distinction but the emails are from a spamcop.net address and say "spamcop support" UPDATE 11:10am 1/5/13: The certificate still doesn't work -- its "trust chain" is invalid. I've supplied some suggestions (out of near complete ignorance as I know almost nothing about this except what I've read from Google searches), but no further response, and the certificate isn't working for me. UPDATE 5:00pm 1/12/13: Certificate still broken, and no further responses to the complaints, so I've been transitioning out to another provider for most of the week. Since spamcop was my primary email for about ten years, changing to a new provider is a huge headache, and will take several weeks to update everywhere. On the plus side the new email provider has some darned useful features, and I registered my own domain so I have more control over my address the next time. P.S.: At any point I will stop bothering to even look at this thread.
  5. The certificate for the smtp server expired a couple of days ago so my phone and other clients aren't able to send without overriding the security. I just reported it via the Problem button on webmail.spamcop.net. (I also tweeted to [at]cesmail_status though they don't seem to respond to that account as quickly as to a trouble report.)
  6. did you report it to the email support people, either using http://mail.spamcop.net/contact.php or the Problem button in Webmail? I will do something that MIGHT help you, however, especially if EVERYONE reading this does the same-- I am about to CHANGE my Spamcop / cesmail.net PASSWORD. That way if it's MY account the spammers are using to send the messages, that should cut them off.
  7. If you continue trying SpamCop you might go back to Thunderbird and set up a fresh account. The latest versions of Thunderbird have some automatic tests that let you pick the best settings -- I found that I am using some settings (ports and encryption methods) that differ from what I have used in the past. Once you have done that, you might set your existing settings the same way it suggests. HOWEVER since you use POP it might be more trouble. I use IMAP so that I get to experience a fresh clean new install of Thunderbird everytime my OS is replaced without worrying about moving my email messages around. (I use a Thunderbird extension to extract the messages for a separate backup.) In any case, if you are finding SpamCop unreliable you might check your settings, though you have said you also have a message from someone (at SpamCop email support?) saying they are shutting down SMTP. I hope they don't send the same message to me because I find it works well for what I do. Except when it's broken.
  8. Maybe they are temporarily shutting down "high volume" SMTP users? My SMTP has continued to work, too (so far), but I send very few messages per day via Spamcop. (I also report many more messages per day than I send so maybe they validate them that way?)
  9. It's happening again today. :-( Is there any way to "un-resolve" this topic? ;-)
  10. I believe you must be seeing a different problem. I do not see this message when sending to the same person using webmail. As far as I can tell, I have never seen any sort of "blocked" message. I see the "4.3.1 Insufficient Storage" error when I attempt to send messages to ANYONE, including myself, but only using SMTP (non-webmail client). UPDATE: so far no response to my trouble report (sent via the "Problem" button in webmail) nor to my Twitter message to [at]cesmail_status UPDATE 2: I got a response via Twitter that they are investigating. I'm heading out so I won't be able to update again until later.
  11. I just tried to send two (small!) email messages via SMTP using Thunderbird, as I usually do, and I got the following error: I haven't yet tried webmail. Since I cannot send email from my spamcop account, I went to twitter and sent a message to [at]cesmail_status Anyone else having trouble? P.S.: Sounds like I'd better make a backup of my inbox. UPDATE: I just tried sending the same message via webmail and it worked. The only unusual thing I noticed was that webmail complained that the message I was replying to was encoded in UTF-8 instead of my default encoding. But I receive and reply to mail from this guy all the time, usually using Thunderbird, though usually on a different machine. UPDATE 2: i checked for a Thunderbird configuration problem on this machine, (after exporting my inbox) and there's no problem. I composed a brand new message and tried to send it, with the same error. I tried sending a test message from my Android phone using the K9 app and I had the same error.
  12. I got a fairly rapid response from Spamcop support but it took me awhile to get back here. Here's the response: As the message says, arguing with the support people is unlikely to do any good, but I may follow up so MAYBE the support people will take it up with the network people. I guess I would care more if I actually WORKED for spamcop... P.S.: I have several Internet domains registered, and almost all of my banking/financial email goes to a unique email address in one domain instead of my spamcop address. One institution refused to send email to that domain because it ends in ".ORG" -- their only explanation was that they refuse to send financial email to .ORG. No sensible reason was given for that decision. That particular institution didn't question my spamcop.net address.
  13. I opened a trouble ticket with LinkedIn and got this response: Some of those reasons are obviously bogus, but I cannot categorically rule them all out. SO I just opened a ticket with spamcop email (using the form in webmail) so maybe I will learn something more.
  14. After posting yesterday that this should be a reminder to make a local backup of my mail... guess what I DIDN'T do yesterday...
  15. Yes webmail and IMAP came up about then. This serves as a good reminder I need to back up my email offline!
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