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  1. Thx, and i know you only tried to help me... Sorry for losing my temper...
  2. Miss Betsy you act as an old Gunslinger and shooting on all moving targets. I think that was a real insult in my culture. To not leave you in a vision of ONLY a soft scared sensibel guy who can´t behave or cant read manuals beeing total helpless i give you little more information about me. I´m middleage, male, having two master degrees. I can see my bookshell keeping about 2 - 3 meters of manuals about computers programming and also netsecurity etc. I have read almost all pages in them. I can read 100 pages and get the concept within 20 min without any problem. I have been head of organisations ov 100 - 400 persons including defense organisations. I have seen bullet smashing inches from my belly and also have fought close to not be strangled. I do lot´s of misstakes but i try not to expose any others when i do and i also don´t try to insu,lt anyone - still i´m a worried child besides a fully competent human. Anyway i got to the conlusion of this topic * Don´t hit the button if you have a e-mail sent to yourself from your own mailbox. * Pick a hostingcompany who have an ethical soul and not a robots automatic heart * Be careful when you hit the buttonand check twice (i need to check it 10 times) * If you don´t have real problem with spam (you can close a mail-account) pick other easy solutions like mailwascher * and ...... hmmmmmmmmm i fig it out later maybe. Thx all for your input ! i needed tha´t help to get a feeling of what´s all was about and also get a little terapy session.
  3. Is it possible to make a improvements of the reporting system ? If i remember it correct i used the new button inside the email-setup and i saw all mail go away for reports and also saw one i wished to keep. I was careless but i had never used that button before and in fact i stopped to use the reporting system bec i had some thoughts about the forwardings i had from my own accounts. I think it should be great if there was a short delay for a couple of hours to go back and check it once more before it reports automatic. Is there any such delay i have missed ? (The manual thingy ) I like to the improvements to not have to log in to another page... but
  4. Yes, i feel little better now and i have deleted all my other e-mail accounts - i mostly had them as a history record - some friends maybe still used them. Within a couple of hours my site - or my 78 year old mothers site is running again. It´s very important for her to have it a s a hobby and a contact possibility with others. The site is an interactive site in ASP and she writes a lot about our ancestors there or Genealogy stuff. She got friends from all over because she have such information. Now i finally got the initiative to give her a own webaccount and i think that is the best outcome of this. I think this misstake will be a good one at the end. I maybe got a new better webaccount and a hopfully a better company to talk with - or who try to talk with me before deleteing all. I´m so happy i took a backup of the access database only a couple of hour before they delted all. I also sent them a url to this topic - because i think they need to learn something in communication and learn to have a acceptable policy also for those maybe making a misstake. They also did a misstake didn´t they ? but in their case they didn´t care to be sure if the did or not. At the end their misstake is bigger because the site was going to run as long my mother is alive and i also should have continued to run it after her dead for her memory and her friends. Right now we also are going to register the site as a electronic Magazine in our Country to give her more possibilities to write history there and more articles. The freedom of speech will protect a registered Magazine and that gives it more possibilities to write nice information about the ancestors. Intresting legislation there also ?! So i lost only a few dollars but i think they lost hundred of dollars. But they feel better and i feel little upset and depressed of being accused... still i guess i and my old mother got a better future. At the end the company also can afford their misstakes so i guess all is back to it mostly is my problem until i´m not upset longer..... I wish they had let me to take a backup of my own database in mysql !before closing all - that had been fair !
  5. I think a enemy easier could use the reporting tool in spamcop - hit a button and your account should be closed immediatly if the company where you have your site have a policy "Zero tolerance". I hope my enemies didn´t found out that trick I´m sure they didn´t but a Zero tolerance policy is useful for such trick...
  6. I have had a communication with the webcompany - even if i don´t like to read manuals. Still i´m not a novice - i can pretty much about php and asp etc and can do almost whatever i like to do in such programming. Not a excuse.... but my hard days give me problem to read all and get to the bottom of a foreign language etc - so i would appriciate to get a automatic working setup before read all i don´t understand bec of my lack in the english language. I have the possibility to ... fix what should be done in talking etc because i´m a lawyer and do all this only for relax etc. But this isn´t so much problem i mostly got little sad and had to talk to someone - after a few days it´s ok again and i continue. I already have started up a new account by a another company. And now i know so much more. And i don´t feel i have to demand anything from the company - they prob don´t belive anything anyway if they have the policy to delete all so fast. When i asked nice they should tried to help me more than talking about policies. Do you trust anyone who only talk about policies and should you in your trust on them. I think it´s a disadvantage to not find a good policy - better to leave without any claims or bad words ets... some care more about customers and i ´m sure i find them... I found your encouraging and supporting dra007 , thx ! helped a lot.
  7. I think i have had my account almost 2 years - but i can´t blame them - still i think they closed all to fast - a nice policy should be to ask if i sent a spam... I use a harwarefirewall and softwarefirewall and a trojan checker and a virusprogram and i don´t think any used my puter. I have two or three times get a returning mail to the web-mailaccount and i haven´t sent it. Right now i think it´s mostly the webhostingcompanys problem if so. Still i feel bad - over all this - i need a couple of days to feel nice again.
  8. I think i have reported myself for spam ! Very intresting. I use several emailboxes and have sent all messages to my spamcop box. So today i got a message to stop spamming ! Pretty cool but i think i never use that feature longer - to report spam. I don´t bother to read manuals bec i´m often tired of my work so i prefer simple solutions and fast results. I guess all is my fault.... and i think i have to find a for me more sutiable solution ? They closed my account all all that stuff - i had so much on it - so i´m depressed of all this ... i guess i have to close my spamcop account also so i dont get in this mess again my account was closed by my misstake or did anyone that to me... i don+t know and don´t care. I think i close the spamcopadress pretty soon. Still it´s my own fault.
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