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    Regular webmail user - Spamcop filters an avg. of 200 spams each day and I rarely see any false positives. Use GPRS and Wi-Fi for on-the-fly access via PDA.

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  1. Absolutely! 99% of spam gets trapped by the SCBL.
  2. I get spam from 10-15 who are regular offenders. rr.com chinanet.com, cnc-noc.com, kornet.net, Good point - is there another approach SC could take with the frequent offending ISPs?
  3. I always report from within Webmail. I hope this helps keep the SCBL up-to-date. I get only one or two spams through per day, versus 100 or more trapped in held mail each day.
  4. Have had intermittant log in problems today (both IMAP to client software and webmail). Seems to be back up now, though somewhat slower than usual.
  5. Hi Jeff, i use Mailhop Outbound to get around SMTP limitations with my PDA on the go. I have a Palm with VersaMail. All accounts are IMAP, so I can download subject headers on the fly using GPRS via my IR to a Nokia phone or in a Wi-Fi hotspot. I use Outbound to send messages so I don't have to fiddle with changing SMTP depending on the method of connection. This sure beats carrying a laptop everywhere! For instance, I sent a quick message (typed on the Palm keyboard) last night from a restaurant in Old Compton St while waiting for my main course. The whole process of taking out the phone and PDA from my pack, activating the IR function, connecting via GPRS to my mobile network, downloading message headers, checking content where needed and closing up all takes just a few minutes. You'll notice a slight delay on the outbound SMTP as Mailhop needs to verify details - but on GPRS this was about 10 seconds - not bad for 'set and forget'. I'm curious if anyone else reading this does similar things (to) with their PDA.
  6. Sure, it takes some time to manage mail, but Spamcop gives you, the user, the control over ALL messages. There is no big brother or corporate IT department deciding what is and is not a legitimate message. Held Mail is just that, it is there for the user to review. In past months, I've picked up some critical, legitimate messages that have been trapped. Were it automatically canned, I would have missed some important business contacts. Based on experience, I have used the Spamcop settings to tailor score, blacklists, whitelists, etc. to work well. Compared to a previous, canned package from an antivirus vendor, Spamcop is a much richer package. Here is how I use Spamcop with multiple machines and a PDA. Spamcop POPs incoming from my ISP. I mainly access SC Webmail from wired and wireless broadband connections. I also use IMAP to download either message headers or full text and attachments for off-line reading via my laptop (using Eudora 6.1) or PDA (Wi-Fi or GPRS connections). I'm now confident that if I need to check for incoming in a hurry, I will get legitimate messages, with the junk and the in-between waiting until I have more time to review. Thanks to all for making this happen!
  7. I got a similar response at first but checked the forum again for specifics on my email client. The cut-and-paste method didn't work so I used forward-as-attachment with OE and that worked fine. Big improvement in false positives (legitimate but held email) following this reconfiguration. I get 3-5 spam messages coming through per day to the inbox but haven't noticed any legitimate trapped messages for the past couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone at Spamcop!
  8. I've been a paying webmail user with a stable IMAP set-up for the past six months. As of a week ago, I can no longer use the quick reporting functions from within Webmail. I just tried to report held mail via mailsc.spamcop.net and got messages that 'your reporting privileges have been suspended'. Have I done something wrong, and is there a way to fix this?
  9. Has anything changed for people in 'mole' mode? For the past week or so, I haven't received any reporting emails after using Report as spam function from within Webmail. I still receive about 5-6 screens of spam per day. Should I change to active reporting?
  10. I use Eudora 6.1 (beta version) for SSL access in public hotspots. Though there are a few bugs in the software related to IMAP settings, the Spamcop side works well. If you need help with settings, please reply here.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions. I checked several of the legitimate, but held, emails. It looks like X-SpamCop-Checked is picking up my ISP. I use Telewest Blueyonder (www.blueyonder.co.uk) and the listed IP is: this is one of the largest ISPs in the UK. I added this IP address to my whitelist. Is that the right approach or could you suggest something else?
  12. Similar problem - legitimate email is now being trapped in Held Mail. Changes in the spam filter number don't seem to make a difference. I also have tried Release and Whitelist but new additions aren't making it on the saved whitelist. I'm starting to miss some important messages (and meetings).
  13. I'm also a 'mole' - don't see a reduction but at least no increase - i get about 4-5 screens of spam per day and only a few manage to get through.
  14. Same problem here, especially when using various Wi-Fi hotspots or over GPRS. You can use the DynDNS.org service. See URL below for details: http://www.dyndns.org/services/mailhop/outbound
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