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  1. Same Here. All my email was still on comcast.net this morning
  2. Julien left Spamcop a year after Cisco took over. ( Maybe it was Ironport - I know it was over four years ago at least) Again www.Spamcop.net has no influence over cesmail.net. Cesmail should not be allowed to use the Spamcop name in any way as Spamcop as no control/bearing in cesmail operations. When Julien sold Spamcop to Ironport it did not include cesmail.net part of the business. Don of Spamcop.net (West Coast) sometimes tries to help us users by making contact with Cesmail.net (East Coast). Again Don has no influence over Cesmail operations. Sometimes we get more info from Don then we do from Cesmail.
  3. Have we ever really found out what has happen in the pass or what corrective action has been taken so outage will not occur again?
  4. I just got an email back I sent after your last post I sent it to my comcast address which forewards it to my spamcop account
  5. I think it is fixed now. I just got a big download of email rather than the dribble that I have been getting
  6. Why do we not see a post from CESMAIL (Spamcop mail) in this thread? At the rate I am receiving email it will never get caught up. After 24 hours of virtually no mail you would think the user should get an explanation from the people at service[at]cesmail.net
  7. Was the 2/12/2013 installation of IPv6 successful or are we back on the old version? I do not know where to find version number. I found the version number. It is the IPv6 version SpamCop v © 1992-2013 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved
  8. Cisco to sell Linksys business to Belkin [url=http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2239064/cisco-to-sell-linksys-business-to-belkin'>http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2...iness-to-belkin When is CISCO going to sell or retire Spamcop? They should do something if they cannot implement IPv6 in a reasonable time and to keep the users fully informed. Estimates of 30, 60 and even 90 days which are not kept is to the point of being funny.
  9. It has been over 90 days. Could we please have another update on what could possibly be the delay? Thank You
  10. I do not have much faith that CISCO is going to fix the IPv6 problem. Not related to IPv6 but interesting [url=http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2232532/cisco-hires-barclays-to-offload-linksys
  11. http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2...global-job-cuts Does these Cisco job cuts have an impact on Spamcop? It has been about two weeks now that Spamcop has recovered. Is Cisco/Spamcop ever going to tell the user any details on what the the timeout problems were? Since it has been fixed the problems must have been found.
  12. First day in 18 days that spamcop appears to be normal for me. lets hope.
  13. Just wait a bit. I am getting Gateway timeouts now. I have not seen a change in 2 and half weeks .
  14. Where is today's update? Nothing has changed for 15 days now.
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